And the winner is…

June 17th, 2010

What a beautiful fight!

The first great GreenZoner competition have just finished and fantastic new console Sony PlayStation 3 Slim will go to Niagoz from Mexico who turned out to be the fastest!

Below you can find the best results of the members who participate in this competition:

Nickname Time Country
niagoz 2010-06-17  22:21:15.445 Mexico
ziomtomek 2010-06-17  22:21:15.590 Poland
mzzrrt 2010-06-17  22:21:15.730 Italy
DarkSoul 2010-06-17  22:21:15.845 Poland
Rafis 2010-06-17  22:21:15.920 Russia
VVigor 2010-06-17  22:21:15.985 Poland
lockerzshare 2010-06-17  22:21:16.340 India
joaolobao 2010-06-17  22:21:16.349 Brazil
Xawier 2010-06-17  22:21:16.827 Poland
Starsky 2010-06-17  22:21:16.908 Poland
Dober_19 2010-06-17  22:21:18.234 Russia
youmancik 2010-06-17  22:21:19.128 Moldova, Republic of
Glinskiykz 2010-06-17  22:21:20.732 Kazakhstan

Congratulation to the winner!
Thanks for all users who didn’t win – good luck next time!

It is only the beginning of fantastic gzCompetitions – we are working hard to give you many occasions to win many more prizes.

So stay green and check the news on our gzBlog!

PS.: Luk looks like he cannot wait to plant the first tree! In next few days we share the photos of this event with you.

92 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. LinoOdahir says:

    :O congratulations niagoz
    when it is the next drawing?

  2. Niagoz says:

    omg omg omg omg ! SO HAPPY!

  3. wow1584 says:

    but it would be good with several awards Prem wing again not one!
    good! Help me to our environment

  4. Никита says:

    Мои поздравления )

  5. quick05440 says:

    Bravo a toi Niagoz


  6. Christiane says:

    Congratulation guys is magnifiiic 🙂

  7. Arturs says:

    Gz 🙂

  8. Rafaela says:

    congratz,man! 🙂

  9. adriel says:


  10. caturro1995 says:


  11. Benjamin says:

    Vaya Niagoz!
    Te has salvado por unas milesimas de segundos 😀
    Esperamos a que Luk plante su árbol y tu recibas el premio 🙂

    Wow Niagoz!
    You are safe for few seconds 😀
    We are wait Luk for planting the tree and you receive your prize 🙂
    Greats Everyone.

  12. hitesh says:

    congratulations dude

  13. Glinskiykz says:

    cool Niagoz, congratulations

  14. Arthur says:

    congrats Niagoz!!!

  15. Dober_19 says:

    Niagoz congrats!!! well done you lucky

  16. David says:

    congratulations men!!!!

  17. David says:

    Mejor así, Felicitaciones Niagoz!!!

  18. Vadya says:

    Мои поздравления !!!

  19. merxe says:


  20. mzzrrt says:

    THIRD ):

  21. mzzrrt says:



  22. Stanislav says:

    Congrats Niagoz !!! btw…how did you put yourself an avatar on comments

  23. Niagoz says:

    Of course I will post a video, its part of GZ Rules 🙂 So wait for it 🙂 I put my avatar on the comments with

    See ya 😀

  24. Magno Pinheiro says:

    parabéns !!! =)

  25. pukea says:

    Greta competition!!!!!!!!! Next price 5000eep!!!!!!!! Moldova a sai rupa pe totzi . Normal youmancik!!! Data viitoare poata a sal iei tu!!!!!!!!!!

  26. yussuf says:


    if i click in the next competition and any one be faster than me

    will i lose my 1000 PEE????????

  27. Ale says:

    Wow Niago, congratulations, we will be waiting your video ^^

  28. Rasim says:

    Maybe i can 2 😀

  29. Darius says:

    Hi cong. 🙂 dude i`m werry praud off you

  30. jeff says:


  31. Manu says:

    Its Great, Congratulation

  32. Juan says:

    and dont forget the tree 🙂

  33. iwate says:

    there’s a bug in invite. when you invite someone and he/she will erase the invite link and you invite him/her again and he/she signup on the new invite link, her/his email still remains in the potential friends. i hope it can be fix.

  34. mhick says:

    congratz niagoz, i hope i can be able to participate in the next competition

  35. Giuseppe says:

    vorrei sapere una cosa io i 1000 punti li ho raggiunti adesso! il prossimo premio che sara messo costera 1000?

  36. KHANUTO says:

    YEY…. congrats

  37. Isaac says:

    che alguien habla español?

  38. João says:


  39. habib says:

    otimoo massa

  40. pepecaliotsa says:


  41. pepecaliotsa says:

    @Isaac, yo hablo español!

  42. jesu124 says:

    me falta poco para llegar a los 1000 EEP

    Cuanto falta para que geenzoner tambien funcione en español ?

  43. Vicens says:

    Yo hablo español también

    Felicidades al ganador.

  44. elyamny says:


    i want to ask if u accept all over the world

  45. elyamny says:

    AND how can i now gzdate and time

  46. SoWStaR says:

    Nice, congrats for “niagoz” 🙂

  47. Welzen says:

    Yo también hablo español. Felicidades al ganador.

  48. taggeral7oob says:


  49. jasn says:

    que dichoso el que gano

  50. Diem says:

    Yo puedo ayudar con la traduccion de la pagina
    si quieren

  51. Monti says:

    Is Greenzoner dead?

  52. matteo says:

    compliment for this boys!!!!

  53. Annettaa says:


  54. none says:


  55. taggeral7oob says:

    goooooooooood lcuk

  56. noise77 says:


  57. Michael says:

    wow que inveja! kkk!

  58. Shriji Kondan says:

    Hmm, I already have 1000 EEP But when is the next contest?

  59. playuomo says:

    è una truffa io ho superato i 1000 eep e nn successo nulla

  60. Zeus says:

    I think niagoz was pressing the “WIN THE PRIZE” button all hour 😀 P.S. Congrats, I am really jealous :’)

  61. wlanderson says:


  62. Marcio says:

    parabéns galera
    daqui a pouco eu q consigo

  63. nguyen says:

    cái gì đây

  64. Daisy135 says:

    glückwunsch = congrats 🙂

  65. TheReinholds says:

    Congratulations!!! 🙂 🙂

  66. RoNeN says:


  67. Daniel says:

    When will the nest redemption be? And when will there be 24/7 stock?

    I´m sorry for any mistakes – I´m from Euurope and still learning English 😀

  68. stefan says:

    Hello to everyone 😀 I am new on greenzoner how i can collect more EEP?i send all the invitations and made 743 epp but what now how i can make more to 1000?

  69. Charlie says:

    There are contests where you can earn a lot of EEP

  70. naruto9581 says:


  71. rafael says:

    sou novo, como eu faço pra ganhar um xbox 360???

    Hola, yo soy nuevo, Como yo faço para pegar um xbox 360??
    Hi, i’m new, how i get xbox 360??

  72. julius says:

    Please.give us more invitations. I have only 702 EEP. my friends does’t get mare friens so it’s no imposible to get 1000 EEP. 🙁

  73. Markes says:


  74. suboy205 says:

    trời ơi khi nào mơi được trúng đây trời , chơi cái này ko hay băng locker đau

  75. David says:

    Can I help you in translation?

  76. v1p1r says:

    thanx bro 4 winning ps3…bt wht bout the others??will dey be able 2 redeemp with existing eep??or once you redeemp,eep will be lost 4ever???

  77. Thiago says:


  78. salb-alroo7 says:

    Congratulations =)

  79. Zeus says:

    v1p1r – other contestents will hawe -100 EPP for playing in the redeemption, but i think they also will be given 5 more invites :))

  80. josue says:

    alguien me envia una invitacion?

  81. josue says:

    kiero unirme a greenzoner

  82. josue says:

    i want invitations

  83. josue says:

    i want invitations please

  84. menrelax says:


  85. L30N4RD0 says:

    A primeira grande competição GreenZoner ter acabado e fantástica nova consola Sony PlayStation 3 Slim irá Niagoz do México, que acabou por ser o mais rápido!

    Abaixo você pode encontrar os melhores resultados dos membros que participam nesta competição:

    Traduzido para Portugues

  86. wydad says:

    félicitation mon ami

  87. Iván says:

    Congrulations 😉

  88. victor says:

    parabé tb quero

  89. navi301 says:

    Congratulations =)

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