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Blogers who takes part in Blog Contest! You must read it!

July 23rd, 2010

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In 3 gzDays we will start first longterm contest for all GreenZoners and gzBlogers! If you are gzBloger you must immediately send to us, using this form (contact form) following information:

  • E-mail you log-in to GreenZoner.com
  • Your Nick
  • Blog address
  • Your Country

Rules: every 5 gzDays the best blog in each country will get 100 EEP, every GreenZoner who will vote will receive 20 EEP for voting for blog in his country, and 2 EEP for voting for blogs from other countries.

Waiting for your e-mails. Remember use this form to contact us.

407 Responses to “Blogers who takes part in Blog Contest! You must read it!”

  1. FabioGu says:


  2. blacklesslagoon says:

    how many votes do I have?
    and what should be the blogs about?

  3. Ryan says:

    Sent e-mail for my blog 😉

  4. Rodrigo says:


    I am Ready!

  5. fridrik8 says:


    Greetings from Argentina :).

  6. Eyef says:

    written. I participate

  7. mabel says:

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    i am from argentina !

  8. sharko says:

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    Ready for the Contest 😉
    Greetings from Austria!

  10. maldonadomalo says:

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  11. legnaflores says:

    Espero ke me valla bien!

  12. Tassio says:

    Ready for the Contest
    Greetings from Brazil!

  13. elysium says:

    great!!! greetings from Chile!! 😉

  14. Husman says:

    Hey from Canada 🙂

  15. kostia-alania says:

    hi!) from RUSSIA! !!!

  16. luis says:

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  17. Jorge Mario says:

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  18. Christian Fabian Madrigal Urbina says:

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  19. Maximilian says:

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  20. Stanislav says:

    Greeting from Moldova ! 🙂

  21. zanik says:

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  22. Stailok says:

    Listo!, saludos desde Chile!

  23. AngeloApple says:

    saluti dall’italia

  24. Rodrigo says:

    I keep the best of Brazil

  25. GreenZoner UA says:

    I am Ready! Sent mail

  26. Alberto says:

    My vote is to Mexico!!!!!! =D

  27. knevil says:


  28. Vlad says:

    Greeting from Russia!!!

  29. Reksi says:

    All done. I hope I get a chance 😀

  30. TechnoKillers says:

    I’m Italian!!! Bye!!

  31. YouSsef Elghourfi says:

    Lol , Is Realy Hard To Make BLOG With Latest News , For Earn Just 100 EEP

  32. TRAULOS says:

    ok ¡¡ espero mas info¡¡

  33. TRAULOS says:

    Saludos Desde Colombia ¡¡¡

  34. cruso says:

    saludo a todas las personas de esta pagina

  35. Pablo says:

    Hola I from Puerto Rico

  36. Ivan says:

    Mexico ganara =)

  37. alonsotwm says:

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  54. jam078 says:

    hay un blog para mexico ??? no entiendo muy bien . solo voyo por algun blog y ya es todo ???

  55. blacklesslagoon says:


    GERMAN BLOG // Deutscher Blog

  56. Dominik says:

    Ihaven’t a blog 😛 i vote for my countrie

  57. ksenia_95 says:

    I haven’t a blog, too.
    I vote for RUSSIA!!!

  58. martin mujica says:

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  59. Audrius22 says:

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  60. Mykola says:

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  61. Julio says:

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  63. Tipu Sultan says:

    Blog address: http://www.pakistan.blogspot.com
    Your Country: Pakistan

  64. Tzesi01 says:

    pff..They will start tomorrow…don’t vote yet!

  65. ksenia_95 says:

    Alpha, мне очень понравился Ваш блог ))
    Голосую за вас :))
    Alpha, I’d liked very much your blog! I vote fot it :))

  66. MrDeli says:

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  67. rjo93 says:

    im from the uk but this blog is good,


    • Tacoheros says:

      Sorry but you cannot put a *Translate* Button, because you didnt make any changes. Your breaking the contest rules. Sorry.

  68. Nikola says:


  69. Samm95 says:

    Blog added! : http://gzargentina.blogspot.com/
    Saludos desde Argentina!

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  72. Thanh Tuyen Nguyen says:

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    Greetings from Argentina

  75. v1p1r says:

    Blog from India:
    It has option to change language…just click translate button

  76. marcostagni says:

    i’ve already used the contact form, but i’m an italian GZBloger.

    My GZBlog is: http://greenzoner.altervista.org/blog/

  77. archis says:

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  81. Psycho says:

    Romania(greetings from Transylvania the land of darkness >:) )

  82. Pablo-27 says:

    Where is my comment….I am from Puerto Rico please dont ignore me this is the five message that I send.

  83. Natce says:


  84. Cesar_skins says:

    En contest el blog de venezuela es el mismo de Timor Lesle el blog es http://www.greenzonerlatino.es.tl y es de venezuela lo cree yo en el blog a la izquierda esta el nombre de mi nick: cesar_skins lo podran ver que ago para que quiten el blog de Timor Lesle y lo dejen en venezuela mas nada?

  85. Ihtisham says:

    Email: ihtishamsyed@hotmail.com
    Nick: Ihtisham19
    Blog: http://www.greenzonercanada.blogspot.com
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    Please put me in the blog contest!
    (And read the tips and tricks i posted on the blog)

  86. Natce says:

    Hi , everybody

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  91. martin mujica says:

    hey the blog of panda …..he have more than 1
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    o solo esta haciendo trampa el canijo

  92. sangmane says:

    Vote for my blog please:
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    My Russian Blog http://aidyn.blog.ru/
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    Полностью переведен мною.

    • Eyef says:

      А почему тогда твоего блога нет в списке раз ты участвуешь? Видимо не участвуешь…

    • Eyef says:

      Потому что ты нарушил правила конкурса…
      Ты хоть правила читай…

  94. nvbigboy says:

    I haven’t a blog i vote for my country

  95. Jasonator says:

    yay, theres no blog for my country :/

  96. Rodrigo says:

    why my blog ( http://www.dicasdorodrigo.com.br )has been left out of the competition?

    Please! Tell me, why I can not participate?

  97. Funes says:

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  100. b-boy1302 says:

    Do you speak Russia???

  101. Darshanpatel says:

    My Blog Address is:


    Nickname is: Darshanpatel

    Country: United States of America

    Email: callamerica10@yahoo.com

    Extra Notes: Can you enter this blog in next weeks contest, becuase it would seem unfair to put it in now, with only 2 days left and all?

  102. Kressnic says:

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  109. kikelive says:

    yea, auque algo tarde el comentario

  110. German says:

    loco ya llegue a los mil puntos tengo 1086 y no hay ningun tipo de premio ni ningun tipo de “click to win” a las cero horas todo verso loco

  111. v1p1r says:

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  122. Tacoheros says:

    Thanks for making my french blog the best one 😀

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  124. DMOFF says:

    Please add my blog to competition. Did not yet translate all posts for June. I will complete it tomorrow.
    Wellcome to Ukraine:

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  136. nandres says:

    Bueno, y ¿dónde están los blogs colombianos?

    ¡Publíquenlos en GreenZoner facebook para apoyarlos en la votación!

  137. Eyef says:

    Странный и нечестный конкурс ( мой блог хуже чем пустая не открывающаяся страница…

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  154. Jarisak says:

    Hey guys, who got EEP for winning this contest in his country?

  155. Trevor says:

    Can I just ask, I entered my blog information into the form yesterday, hoping it would be update for the next 5 day contest, but my blog hasnt been put up. Im from United Kingdom. Does anyone know whether my blog info got sent too late? Or whether Greenzoner staff just havent put my blog under UK blogs yet…

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  157. waqar says:

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    • v1p1r says:

      Did you receive 100 EEP from blog contest??I became the winner from India but so far haven’t received anything..Wht should I do now??Plz suggest..

  158. IK'u says:

    Can yuo replay GreenZoner for my emails? I sent to you 3 mails, all of them are about blog contest. My blog isn’t in contest voting. I don’t now why.

  159. blacklesslagoon says:

    don’t vote for me . please just read

    PO- não votar, mas leia que é importante
    ES – no votar, pero por favor, lea es importante
    DE – nicht abstimmen, aber bitte lesen, es ist wichtig
    VI – không bỏ phiếu nhưng xin vui lòng đọc điều quan trọng
    FR – ne votent pas mais s’il vous plaît lire, il est important
    BL – Не гласувайте, но моля, прочетете това е важно
    RO – nu vot, dar vă rugăm să citiţi este important
    PL – nie głosować, ale proszę przeczytać ważne
    RU – не голосуют, но пожалуйста, прочитайте это важно
    UK – не голосують, але будь ласка, прочитайте це важливо
    SR – не гласају, али молимо Вас да прочитате важно

  160. alday says:

    I did not win my EEP = (

  161. Dang says:

    Cho mình hỏi là blog của bạn được GreenZoner đưa vào danh sách dự thi sau bao nhiêu ngày kể từ khi đăng kí thế?

  162. Cunex says:

    I have a complaint against the blog contest.

    From what I’ve seen, there are many blogs that have copied the
    information through other blogs or have used the
    Google translator, if you search well.

    Then, it would be a good idea that users at least
    review the blogs and when they saw all that they
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    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Cunex / BenjaminGZ

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  165. Darshanpatel says:

    Why isnt my blog put up, i even sent the emails?

  166. v1p1r says:

    My blog from India
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  178. elevator says:

    Why in some countries, participating sites, with one or two messages? After the contest rules is written that there shall be transferred all your blog posts? The Administration did not follow their rules?

  179. Stanislav says:

    is there a problem?…when i enter the blog contest it ”says” that there are votes:0 and 0%

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  181. nestt says:

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  182. Ronen says:

    some one got his 100eep ? (who won the contest)

  183. ben says:

    greenzoner i forgot my yahoo mail password where is the option to change your email address please but that feature and all the prizes that is on the list when you invite people cause i have 1000eep and i really want a prize so i can make the world greener click your profile and email should be right their by password with 0 eep plz but email in your profile

  184. Stefan says:

    How to vote for blogs??? please help

  185. harsh says:

    i m not getting my eep

  186. Cesar_skins says:

    alguien recivio los 100 eep? mi blog de venezuela gano y no e recivido nada que ago?

    por cierto cuando ponen otro premio?

  187. phuong says:

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