DIY – scrap tire flip flops!

March 20th, 2013

Need new, solid flip flops but don’t want to spend too much money? Some people are just astonishing with the amount of creativity they have! 🙂 Do it yourself!

eco shoes

We can often find scrap tires littering the earth, either on a street, or some green fields and so on. Instead of passively accepting this pollution, we can do something useful from this! Those tires are good material to make improvised shoes, that are actually pretty persistent for asphalt roads. Why not try it? Use some plastic bags and old carpet, and now you have flip flops – maybe not very aesthetic and fashionable, but eco-friendly and practical 😉

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One Response to “DIY – scrap tire flip flops!”

  1. Jean Pocha says:

    are there directions available somewhere to make these flip flops ?

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