Do it yourself: Easter decorations

March 31st, 2013

Hello Greenzoners! How is your Easter going? 🙂

We had an idea, that, because in many places there is a lot of snow during Easter holidays, how about some appropriate Easter decorations to be made easily and cheap? 😉

easter lights
How about replacing old Christmas lights, but make them in Easter version? Take those lights and get some plastic eggs, or make those forms by yourself! Cut a small hole in their bottom and put it on a bulb. If the egg is sliding off, use super glue or a strong tape. If you are going to put them in basket, you can hide the wire with grass, making it look more natural, but still maintaining the magical, Easter ambience ;).

easter lights 2
Be creative! Hang those Easter lights around your house, your staircase or in your garden!

We hope you enjoyed it. Also, Happy Easter everyone! 😀

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