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Do you have FaceBook account? Read it! You do not have? Register

July 17th, 2010

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In very near futures every GreenZoner who have FaceBook account can get extra EEP for every activity!

What you need to do?

  • became a fan of GreenZonerCom site
  • click on “I like it” on each enter  on table

When we run this project you will get EEP right away 🙂

Became our fan ! 🙂

GreenZoners getting to be even more social 🙂


303 Responses to “Do you have FaceBook account? Read it! You do not have? Register”

  1. Niagoz says:

    DONE! 🙂

  2. diegocrazygt123 says:

    Waoo fine!!

  3. Rexy says:

    May I ask, there are 3 GreenZoner fan Pages, which one to like? The one with the most likes?

  4. Sebastian says:

    Did IT!!

  5. luis says:

    done faceebook

  6. Monti says:

    >Became our fun !
    Did you meant fan?=_=

  7. Latio says:

    Done! add me on facebook people sebastian idarraga

  8. stailok says:

    y donde me hago fan?

  9. Mariano Zamzem says:

    Ok, done!!

  10. marianoz60 says:


  11. JeanS25 says:

    Done it

  12. JsCL97 says:

    Ready, an i have one question:How do you know the name of the people in FB and GZ?

  13. Stanislav says:

    Done GreenZoner XD

  14. tuto202 says:


  15. Trevor says:

    Yay, done! Hope we all get EEP soon. How much do you reckon we’ll all get?

  16. marktreseh says:

    already Like it..

    But Im confused coz there are two GreenZoner account in Facebook that exist so I click Like for both…

  17. marianoz60 says:


  18. sofin says:

    wow . so is free EPP . I like it 🙂

  19. Roopa says:

    Why don’t you link this blog section(I meant latest single blog post) to the homepage of GZ, so that whenever users login they can check the LATEST buzz/updates/news of GZ. So that I dont need to click BLOG specifically.

  20. neko says:

    done 🙂

  21. jiaao says:

    was already fan lol

  22. marianoz60 says:

    What happens to my comments?

  23. Frikishow says:

    done!! but my name on facebook is Javier Ulrich 🙂 please give me the points…

  24. ktalo0ony says:


    I become a fan

  25. Matt says:

    What is your page? I see 3 with the name as GreenZoner

  26. alday says:

    Pronto =)

  27. David says:

    Excelente!!! me gusta (y) ^^ 😉

  28. James says:

    i’ve done it

  29. LinoOdahir says:

    yeeah! i do

  30. juanchiosss says:

    ok gracias

  31. noname0511 says:

    I live in Viet Nam, where this block facebok, how way to log Facebook
    Visit my blog translate into Vietnamese http://n0n4m351.wordpress.com/

  32. mariogueta says:

    ya esta

  33. Juan Pablo Bettinelli says:


  34. Kivenc says:

    done but under account mannypoiu@yahoo.com.

  35. gzoner says:



  36. franco says:


  37. Halcyon says:

    Done !


  38. Halcyon says:

    Done! Done!

  39. messsi9 says:

    ke tengo ke aser

  40. JustDelight says:

    DONE 🙂

  41. Jhet says:

    I have “like” it before..

  42. edgar_sax says:

    Done 😀

  43. Danny Galarza says:


  44. Sebastian says:

    DOne 😀

  45. Immanuel says:


  46. Aluki says:

    This is a good Idea!

  47. DavidSound says:

    Done 😉

  48. v1p1r says:

    I did it a long ago…

  49. fayssalz says:


  50. artsiom says:

    did it a long time ago)

  51. Maximilian says:


  52. Angelo says:


  53. Ryan says:

    Become a fan and liked every post there.

    P.S. What happened to the blog contest?

    • Stanislav says:

      yeah… i wanted to ask the same question…is it still alive…i recieved a e-mail a while ago where you said that soon you will post news about the Blog Contest… why is taking so long GZ, i was so excited about this contest 🙁

  54. Aluki says:

    Participa en el sorteo de 3 fabulosos premios REALES relaccionados con el medio ambiente mas información aqui: http://forogreenzoner.com/index.php?topic=173

    Estamos celebrando nuestros 100 Primeros Users


  55. ksenia_95 says:

    Done!! ^^

  56. divion says:

    Done 😀

  57. jesu124 says:

    Listo, 😀 a esperar

  58. Charlie says:

    Did it!

  59. Skorpion89 says:


  60. valentin says:


  61. Naxo says:

    Done 😀

  62. fayssalz says:

    i have account

  63. alday says:


    I like it GreenZoner!

  64. cancinoox says:

    done it! 😀

  65. babi_titotito says:


  66. Thang says:

    That great!

  67. Lauro says:

    lo habia echo hace mucho tiempo

  68. Grant says:

    done and you can check!

  69. AngeloApple says:

    Done… Fatto!!

  70. Albafika says:

    ya quedo y ahora?

  71. ksenia_95 says:

    Hi! I’ve just sent a message to contact with you , but nobody answers! So i’ll do my question here: this morning 3 of my friends were registrated in greenzoner with my invitacion, BUT…I have not received EEP for them!!! And in my account it is showed that i have received points!!! What’s going on?? I still having 326 EEP like this morning, nothing has changed!What I may do to receive them??!! and if I will have no chance to participate in your REDEEM?

  72. wow1584 says:

    Foro de Niagoz!

  73. Cesar_skins says:


  74. messsi9 says:


  75. Jla75 says:

    Me gusta

  76. Fatma says:

    Done dude! xD

  77. nonax says:

    yaa tengo mi facebook

  78. eduartaker says:


  79. danielos says:

    Done 🙂

  80. AngeloVzla says:

    Done . Listo

  81. diegocrazygt123 says:

    Waoo Perfecto!

  82. Gabriela says:

    done 🙂

  83. Jonathan Esteban says:

    Listo 😀 (Done!)

  84. nandres says:

    Hola gente!
    Una pregunta, para q me den los EEP, ¿mi cuenta Facebook debe estar registrada con el mismo e-mail de mi cuenta GreenZoner?
    One question, to GZ gives me EEP, is my Facebook account must be registered with the same e-mail from my GreenZoner account?


  85. Goldgreen says:

    Me Gusta

  86. Nebrios says:

    Me Gusta! 😉

  87. Herman says:

    I like

  88. ian del rio says:


  89. Arif Santoso says:


  90. Alan Macias (Alarolmac) says:

    ya lo hice amigos

  91. kaslimon says:

    Done 😀

  92. KidCanza says:


  93. STML says:

    done it 😀

  94. Matteo says:


  95. tonyd says:

    i have done

  96. Robert says:


  97. GoldJusa says:

    “like” everything! jaja

  98. Jorge Mario says:


  99. Sebastian says:

    Nic3 Is Done

  100. norbiete says:

    i like

  101. TRAULOS says:

    Listo Ya “ME GUSTA” y ahora que?

  102. 7seconds says:

    done 😛

  103. AndresZCH says:

    ya di clic en me gusta!!!! ahora que ???

  104. flooper says:

    done it

  105. sylthvester says:


  106. Ricardo says:

    done ^^

  107. Rage says:

    Happy 50th gzDay Anniversary!

  108. markognc says:

    Done 🙂

  109. Stanich says:

    Don’t have facebook, don’t intend to make account. Just wonder are you on twitter?

    And another question, when will translations become available? Because I want to get more points, and i would love translating page, as I intend to be translator one day. 🙂

  110. leonterner says:

    [like] – click!

  111. MARIOS007 says:

    “like” everything!

  112. dalkas says:

    “like” everything!

  113. Tola says:

    Yes i have

  114. simone ferretti says:

    add me, I am Simone Ferretti

  115. dikta says:

    Liked & Followed!!!

  116. darkzero says:

    done! ^^

  117. henryKI11 says:

    ok done

  118. Quadro says:

    Done 🙂

  119. Julian says:

    Done i clicked “like” im waiting for my eeps…. xD

  120. Sneaky says:

    i’ve already Liked you guys on facebook long time ago 😀 (Upuppet its me)

  121. cesar says:

    ya tengo facebook

  122. Trukeh says:

    Me gusta 😛

  123. Andrees_Feelip says:

    Yap me gusta

  124. Erick says:

    me gusta esta genial

  125. marcello says:

    ok done

  126. bellnaka says:


  127. cesar says:

    me gusta

  128. afert ber says:


  129. daiane says:


  130. legnaflores says:

    ya lo hice

  131. GarrysGor says:

    done !!!

  132. Nikolaus Duaditya says:


  133. Julia says:

    Has anybody a greenzoner invite ??
    if you have please send me, if been looking for one for ages 🙂
    my email : glam.shine@gmx.de
    thanks !

  134. Aluki says:


    Estamos apunto de llegar a lso 10 usuarios sorteamos premios reales! 😀

    A que esperas?

    Un saludo

  135. Aluki says:

    A los 100 usuarios perdón.

  136. ebrahimesmaeel says:

    Hello everyboy New GreenZoner Arrived! That’s me I’m very happy to join this marveluse site.

  137. ebrahimesmaeel says:

    Every thing fished

  138. delvines says:


  139. Alucardko says:

    yya soy fan, y ya le puse “I like it” en todo xD

  140. Muhammad Raheel Jahangeer says:


    Can some1 send me invitation plzzzzzzzzzz

  141. Oleg says:

    done 🙂

  142. wearefoxs says:

    became a fan of GreenZonerCom site

  143. Alexis says:

    Y cual es el verdadero grupo de Greenzoner en facebook, porque hay muchos. Cual es el que me da los EEP y hago click en me gusta???

  144. josemau says:

    I like

  145. josemau says:

    I like it

  146. God0 says:

    Ok I become a fan 😀

  147. Falcho1984 says:

    Un fan mas…..

  148. RuleDRbrt says:

    Became a fan 🙂

  149. sangvip says:

    became a fan of greenzonercom site
    i like it

  150. Minh ! says:

    i need join , pls help me !

  151. JACOB says:

    Like it from the beginning 🙂

  152. Tadas says:

    i Done it

  153. Natce says:

    I like it >>> 😛

  154. hoang says:

    i like it

  155. raul says:

    si lo uso

  156. xxJustxx says:

    Like it

  157. harsh says:

    i like it

  158. biboh says:

    i like this

  159. andre says:

    I became a fan greenzoner site
    and i click “i like it”

    but when i get EEP? thank you very much

  160. icyday says:

    i like and love it!

  161. Mihail says:

    cklicked like and ready 🙂

  162. osva says:

    me gusta.

  163. Pablo-27 says:

    Lo malo de Facebook es que tu novia se entera si estabas en fiestas con otras mujeres por lo demas Facebook es estuuuuupennnnndo.

  164. JANNET says:


  165. agustina says:

    I became fan

  166. WILLLIAM says:

    YA LE PUSE EN i like it XD

  167. Alana says:

    I don’t like facebook :/

  168. Ryagax says:

    Can this be for Twitter also?

  169. chairuby says:

    i like it

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  171. Guilherme says:


  172. nvbigboy says:


  173. mounirn93i says:


  174. Jeff says:

    Ok, i will be fan.

  175. DJB9 says:

    Liked 🙂

  176. aldhe says:

    i become a fan

  177. Dvir Schnaps says:

    My facebook:Dvir Schnaps
    My nickname in Greenzoner:dvir4442

  178. RamirPro says:

    Listo, ya me hice Fan!!

  179. Kailey says:

    I liked it.

  180. barhoum says:

    i like it

  181. fayssalz says:

    my country is Algeria my account in facebook is fayssal zerouali

  182. mohamed Kahilo says:

    Ilike it

  183. Sebastian Arango says:

    My country is Colombia and my account in facebook is Sebastian Arango

  184. Kressnic says:

    i dont have facebook

  185. Herson John Ruiz says:

    I become fan with this profile Herson Kryptonite Ruiz http://www.facebook.com/herson.ruiz

  186. montserrat says:

    Ya soy un fan de greenzoner.com en facebook.

  187. Yesaya says:

    i have become a fan

  188. strewsa says:

    Listo ! Me gusta !

  189. aDri says:

    My Name is Adria Forns and my country is Alicante in spain

  190. bramy says:

    i like it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. Kazeshini says:

    Done! 🙂

  192. bouthiba says:


  193. santhosh says:


  194. juan quiere una play 3 says:

    Hola yo ya me registre y puse me gusta en facebook me dan eep??

  195. ucan says:

    I become a fan

  196. Miike says:

    I like it 😀

  197. rickychrist says:

    i have fb and my nick name is ifreaqie winata on fb


  198. DANGKHOA says:

    My facebook account : khoa02031995

  199. Nguyễn Đình Châu says:

    I come from Vietnamese, I have an account on facebook

  200. hadicipto says:

    Ok I just become a fan

  201. Charif says:

    Done : I like it

  202. josemau says:

    “I like it”

  203. -bart97- says:

    a me facebook non piace

  204. tuyen says:

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  205. Gugunhide says:

    well I like the Greenzoner on facebook

  206. astroahab says:

    I like

  207. karla says:


  208. Darksport says:


  209. jacob says:

    Cool thats great

  210. choriso says:

    voten por mi blog porfavor 🙂

  211. MegaTwinky says:

    Alright “I like” a lot..

  212. Sergio says:

    Me gusta

  213. inest says:

    i like it !

  214. finalshift says:

    I like activity…

  215. David says:

    “Ilike it” so much

  216. aars says:

    done 😀

  217. razthiel says:

    done! 😀

  218. Lenin says:

    I Like it

  219. yakoub says:

    this is my facebook i want to register :

  220. joelsevilla says:

    Me gusta

  221. minhducck says:

    I like it 🙂

  222. zanon says:

    i like it…

  223. zanon says:

    me gusta

  224. chottu says:

    i liked it……

  225. borego_869 says:

    lo odio

  226. Beem says:

    I like it

  227. bhushan says:

    i like it

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  231. great_war_93 says:

    I like it

  232. Cristi says:

    i have facebook account,my mail is joscom@mail.ru and name Cristi Hilton
    “I like it” 🙂

  233. Piers Butler says:

    I Liked 🙂

  234. Trevor says:

    I clicked like about 2 weeks ago, does anyone know when we are actually gonna recieve EEP? I think they should just give everyone who likes the page EEP now, then close the offer, so that anyone who didn’t act fast enough doesn’t get anything

  235. giorgio says:

    I like it

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