Do you have FaceBook account? Read it! You do not have? Register

July 17th, 2010

In very near futures every GreenZoner who have FaceBook account can get extra EEP for every activity!

What you need to do?

  • became a fan of GreenZonerCom site
  • click on “I like it” on each enter  on table

When we run this project you will get EEP right away 🙂

Became our fan ! 🙂

GreenZoners getting to be even more social 🙂


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303 Responses to “Do you have FaceBook account? Read it! You do not have? Register”

  1. Niagoz says:

    DONE! 🙂

  2. diegocrazygt123 says:

    Waoo fine!!

  3. Rexy says:


  4. Rexy says:

    May I ask, there are 3 GreenZoner fan Pages, which one to like? The one with the most likes?

  5. Sebastian says:

    Did IT!!

  6. luis says:

    done faceebook

  7. Monti says:

    >Became our fun !
    Did you meant fan?=_=

  8. Latio says:

    Done! add me on facebook people sebastian idarraga

  9. stailok says:

    y donde me hago fan?

  10. Mariano Zamzem says:

    Ok, done!!

  11. marianoz60 says:


  12. JeanS25 says:

    Done it

  13. JsCL97 says:

    Ready, an i have one question:How do you know the name of the people in FB and GZ?

  14. Stanislav says:

    Done GreenZoner XD

  15. tuto202 says:


  16. Trevor says:

    Yay, done! Hope we all get EEP soon. How much do you reckon we’ll all get?

  17. marktreseh says:

    already Like it..

    But Im confused coz there are two GreenZoner account in Facebook that exist so I click Like for both…

  18. marianoz60 says:


  19. Vova says:

    Done it

  20. irvin says:


  21. sofin says:

    wow . so is free EPP . I like it 🙂

  22. tuto202 says:


  23. Roopa says:

    Why don’t you link this blog section(I meant latest single blog post) to the homepage of GZ, so that whenever users login they can check the LATEST buzz/updates/news of GZ. So that I dont need to click BLOG specifically.

  24. neko says:

    done 🙂

  25. jiaao says:

    was already fan lol

  26. HellWay says:


  27. HellWay says:


  28. marianoz60 says:

    What happens to my comments?

  29. Frikishow says:

    done!! but my name on facebook is Javier Ulrich 🙂 please give me the points…

  30. ktalo0ony says:


    I become a fan

  31. Matt says:

    What is your page? I see 3 with the name as GreenZoner

  32. alday says:

    Pronto =)

  33. David says:

    Excelente!!! me gusta (y) ^^ 😉

  34. James says:

    i’ve done it

  35. LinoOdahir says:

    yeeah! i do

  36. Brenda says:


  37. juanchiosss says:

    ok gracias

  38. noname0511 says:

    I live in Viet Nam, where this block facebok, how way to log Facebook
    Visit my blog translate into Vietnamese

  39. Tássio says:


  40. mariogueta says:

    ya esta

  41. Juan Pablo Bettinelli says:


  42. Kivenc says:

    done but under account

  43. gzoner says:



  44. franco says:


  45. Halcyon says:

    Done !


  46. Halcyon says:

    Done! Done!

  47. messsi9 says:

    ke tengo ke aser

  48. JustDelight says:

    DONE 🙂

  49. Jhet says:

    I have “like” it before..

  50. edgar_sax says:

    Done 😀

  51. Danny Galarza says:


  52. Sebastian says:

    DOne 😀

  53. Immanuel says:


  54. Aluki says:

    This is a good Idea!

  55. DavidSound says:

    Done 😉

  56. v1p1r says:

    I did it a long ago…

  57. fayssalz says:


  58. artsiom says:

    did it a long time ago)

  59. Maximilian says:


  60. Angelo says:


  61. Ryan says:

    Become a fan and liked every post there.

    P.S. What happened to the blog contest?

    • Stanislav says:

      yeah… i wanted to ask the same question…is it still alive…i recieved a e-mail a while ago where you said that soon you will post news about the Blog Contest… why is taking so long GZ, i was so excited about this contest 🙁

  62. Aluki says:

    Participa en el sorteo de 3 fabulosos premios REALES relaccionados con el medio ambiente mas información aqui:

    Estamos celebrando nuestros 100 Primeros Users


  63. ksenia_95 says:

    Done!! ^^

  64. divion says:

    Done 😀

  65. jesu124 says:

    Listo, 😀 a esperar

  66. Tartut says:


  67. Charlie says:

    Did it!

  68. Skorpion89 says:


  69. valentin says:


  70. Naxo says:

    Done 😀

  71. fayssalz says:

    i have account

  72. alday says:


    I like it GreenZoner!

  73. Baltazz says:


  74. cancinoox says:

    done it! 😀

  75. babi_titotito says:


  76. Thang says:

    That great!

  77. Lauro says:

    lo habia echo hace mucho tiempo

  78. Grant says:

    done and you can check!

  79. AngeloApple says:

    Done… Fatto!!

  80. Albafika says:

    ya quedo y ahora?

  81. ksenia_95 says:

    Hi! I’ve just sent a message to contact with you , but nobody answers! So i’ll do my question here: this morning 3 of my friends were registrated in greenzoner with my invitacion, BUT…I have not received EEP for them!!! And in my account it is showed that i have received points!!! What’s going on?? I still having 326 EEP like this morning, nothing has changed!What I may do to receive them??!! and if I will have no chance to participate in your REDEEM?

  82. wow1584 says:

    Foro de Niagoz!

  83. Cesar_skins says:


  84. messsi9 says:


  85. Jla75 says:

    Me gusta

  86. Fatma says:

    Done dude! xD

  87. nonax says:

    yaa tengo mi facebook

  88. eduartaker says:


  89. danielos says:

    Done 🙂

  90. AngeloVzla says:

    Done . Listo

  91. diegocrazygt123 says:

    Waoo Perfecto!

  92. Gabriela says:

    done 🙂

  93. Jonathan Esteban says:

    Listo 😀 (Done!)

  94. nandres says:

    Hola gente!
    Una pregunta, para q me den los EEP, ¿mi cuenta Facebook debe estar registrada con el mismo e-mail de mi cuenta GreenZoner?
    One question, to GZ gives me EEP, is my Facebook account must be registered with the same e-mail from my GreenZoner account?


  95. Goldgreen says:

    Me Gusta

  96. justin says:


  97. Nebrios says:

    Me Gusta! 😉

  98. Herman says:

    I like

  99. ian del rio says:


  100. Arif Santoso says:


  101. Alan Macias (Alarolmac) says:

    ya lo hice amigos

  102. kaslimon says:

    Done 😀

  103. KidCanza says:


  104. STML says:

    done it 😀

  105. Matteo says:


  106. irsyad says:


  107. tonyd says:

    i have done

  108. Robert says:


  109. GoldJusa says:

    “like” everything! jaja

  110. Jorge Mario says:


  111. Sebastian says:

    Nic3 Is Done

  112. norbiete says:

    i like

  113. TRAULOS says:

    Listo Ya “ME GUSTA” y ahora que?

  114. 7seconds says:

    done 😛

  115. Maxi says:

    Done it!

  116. AndresZCH says:

    ya di clic en me gusta!!!! ahora que ???

  117. flooper says:

    done it

  118. sylthvester says:


  119. Ricardo says:

    done ^^

  120. Rage says:

    Happy 50th gzDay Anniversary!

  121. markognc says:

    Done 🙂

  122. Stanich says:

    Don’t have facebook, don’t intend to make account. Just wonder are you on twitter?

    And another question, when will translations become available? Because I want to get more points, and i would love translating page, as I intend to be translator one day. 🙂

  123. leonterner says:

    [like] – click!

  124. MARIOS007 says:

    “like” everything!

  125. dalkas says:

    “like” everything!

  126. Tola says:

    Yes i have

  127. simone ferretti says:

    add me, I am Simone Ferretti

  128. dikta says:

    Liked & Followed!!!

  129. darkzero says:

    done! ^^

  130. henryKI11 says:

    ok done

  131. Quadro says:

    Done 🙂

  132. Julian says:

    Done i clicked “like” im waiting for my eeps…. xD

  133. Sneaky says:

    i’ve already Liked you guys on facebook long time ago 😀 (Upuppet its me)

  134. cesar says:

    ya tengo facebook

  135. Trukeh says:

    Me gusta 😛

  136. Andrees_Feelip says:

    Yap me gusta

  137. Erick says:

    me gusta esta genial

  138. marcello says:

    ok done

  139. bellnaka says:


  140. cesar says:

    me gusta

  141. afert ber says:


  142. daiane says:


  143. legnaflores says:

    ya lo hice

  144. GarrysGor says:

    done !!!

  145. Nikolaus Duaditya says:


  146. lukas says:


  147. Julia says:

    Has anybody a greenzoner invite ??
    if you have please send me, if been looking for one for ages 🙂
    my email :
    thanks !

  148. Aluki says:

    Estamos apunto de llegar a lso 10 usuarios sorteamos premios reales! 😀

    A que esperas?

    Un saludo

  149. Aluki says:

    A los 100 usuarios perdón.

  150. jason says:


  151. ebrahimesmaeel says:

    Hello everyboy New GreenZoner Arrived! That’s me I’m very happy to join this marveluse site.

  152. ebrahimesmaeel says:

    Every thing fished

  153. delvines says:


  154. Alucardko says:

    yya soy fan, y ya le puse “I like it” en todo xD

  155. Firmin says:


  156. Muhammad Raheel Jahangeer says:


    Can some1 send me invitation plzzzzzzzzzz

  157. Oleg says:

    done 🙂

  158. wearefoxs says:

    became a fan of GreenZonerCom site

  159. Alexis says:

    Y cual es el verdadero grupo de Greenzoner en facebook, porque hay muchos. Cual es el que me da los EEP y hago click en me gusta???

  160. josemau says:

    I like

  161. josemau says:

    I like it

  162. God0 says:

    Ok I become a fan 😀

  163. Ronald says:


  164. Falcho1984 says:

    Un fan mas…..

  165. RuleDRbrt says:

    Became a fan 🙂

  166. sangvip says:

    became a fan of greenzonercom site
    i like it

  167. Minh ! says:

    i need join , pls help me !

  168. JACOB says:

    Like it from the beginning 🙂

  169. Tadas says:

    i Done it

  170. Natce says:

    I like it >>> 😛

  171. hoang says:

    i like it

  172. raul says:

    si lo uso

  173. xxJustxx says:

    Like it

  174. harsh says:

    i like it

  175. biboh says:

    i like this

  176. andre says:

    I became a fan greenzoner site
    and i click “i like it”

    but when i get EEP? thank you very much

  177. icyday says:

    i like and love it!

  178. Mihail says:

    cklicked like and ready 🙂

  179. osva says:

    me gusta.

  180. Pablo-27 says:

    Lo malo de Facebook es que tu novia se entera si estabas en fiestas con otras mujeres por lo demas Facebook es estuuuuupennnnndo.

  181. pirs says:

    i like

  182. JANNET says:


  183. agustina says:

    I became fan

  184. WILLLIAM says:

    YA LE PUSE EN i like it XD

  185. Alana says:

    I don’t like facebook :/

  186. Ryagax says:

    Can this be for Twitter also?

  187. chairuby says:

    i like it

  188. fmmqypa says:

    hc5jiX jmrkezkahfkl, [url=]jtnyfqoazaei[/url], [link=]ffnbiodfuoun[/link],

  189. Guilherme says:


  190. nvbigboy says:


  191. mounirn93i says:


  192. Jeff says:

    Ok, i will be fan.

  193. DJB9 says:

    Liked 🙂

  194. aldhe says:

    i become a fan

  195. Dvir Schnaps says:

    My facebook:Dvir Schnaps
    My nickname in Greenzoner:dvir4442

  196. RamirPro says:

    Listo, ya me hice Fan!!

  197. Kailey says:

    I liked it.

  198. barhoum says:

    i like it

  199. fayssalz says:

    my country is Algeria my account in facebook is fayssal zerouali

  200. mohamed Kahilo says:

    Ilike it

  201. Sebastian Arango says:

    My country is Colombia and my account in facebook is Sebastian Arango

  202. Kressnic says:

    i dont have facebook

  203. Herson John Ruiz says:

    I become fan with this profile Herson Kryptonite Ruiz

  204. montserrat says:

    Ya soy un fan de en facebook.

  205. Yesaya says:

    i have become a fan

  206. strewsa says:

    Listo ! Me gusta !

  207. aDri says:

    My Name is Adria Forns and my country is Alicante in spain

  208. bramy says:

    i like it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Kazeshini says:

    Done! 🙂

  210. bouthiba says:


  211. santhosh says:


  212. juan quiere una play 3 says:

    Hola yo ya me registre y puse me gusta en facebook me dan eep??

  213. ucan says:

    I become a fan

  214. Miike says:

    I like it 😀

  215. rickychrist says:

    i have fb and my nick name is ifreaqie winata on fb


  216. DANGKHOA says:

    My facebook account : khoa02031995

  217. Nguyễn Đình Châu says:

    I come from Vietnamese, I have an account on facebook

  218. hadicipto says:

    Ok I just become a fan

  219. Charif says:

    Done : I like it

  220. josemau says:

    “I like it”

  221. -bart97- says:

    a me facebook non piace

  222. -bart97- says:


  223. tuyen says:

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    Cách Update : Online/Offline
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  224. Gugunhide says:

    well I like the Greenzoner on facebook

  225. astroahab says:

    I like

  226. karla says:


  227. Darksport says:


  228. jacob says:

    Cool thats great

  229. choriso says:

    voten por mi blog porfavor 🙂

  230. MegaTwinky says:

    Alright “I like” a lot..

  231. Sergio says:

    Me gusta

  232. inest says:

    i like it !

  233. finalshift says:

    I like activity…

  234. David says:

    “Ilike it” so much

  235. aars says:

    done 😀

  236. razthiel says:

    done! 😀

  237. Lenin says:

    I Like it

  238. yakoub says:

    this is my facebook i want to register :

  239. joelsevilla says:

    Me gusta

  240. minhducck says:

    I like it 🙂

  241. zanon says:

    i like it…

  242. zanon says:

    me gusta

  243. chottu says:

    i liked it……

  244. borego_869 says:

    lo odio

  245. Beem says:

    I like it

  246. bhushan says:

    i like it

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  251. great_war_93 says:

    I like it

  252. Cristi says:

    i have facebook account,my mail is and name Cristi Hilton
    “I like it” 🙂

  253. Piers Butler says:

    I Liked 🙂

  254. Trevor says:

    I clicked like about 2 weeks ago, does anyone know when we are actually gonna recieve EEP? I think they should just give everyone who likes the page EEP now, then close the offer, so that anyone who didn’t act fast enough doesn’t get anything

  255. giorgio says:

    I like it

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