Eco News #13 – Landing on Mars!

August 12th, 2012

Hello Greenzoners! We landed on Mars! 😀
Or rather not us but Mars rover called Curiosity, that landed on August 6, 05:17 (US time) on the surface of Mars. Whole mission to transport Curiosity safely to Red Planet took 9 months, space ship covered the distance of 563,000,000 km.

Curiosity rover

The rover is powered by nuclear energy, and its goal is to find out if there was a life on Mars,  if it is possible to inhabit Mars and also examine the Martian climate and surface’s geology.
It will gather data about minerals in Mars’ soil, detect the smallest proof of living beings (by searching for biosignatures – substances that provide scientific evidence of past or present life).
Curiosity's shadow

Also, it will examine the rocks and soils by interpreting the processes that formed the current shape of Mars’ surface, create a timeline of atmosphere’s evolution and measure the amount of cosmic radiation. But the most important – it will search for water (or any other water-like substances) and carbon dioxide.

Happy NASA :)

President of the USA, Barack Obama said that we can expect a man to lay his foot on Mars by 2030. Maybe around 2100 we could expect some nice hotels and holiday cruises there. 😉

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