Eco News #15 – deforestation reduces the rain in a dangerous scale

September 9th, 2012

As it was confirmed by scientists, deforestation reduces the amount of rain and can be a cause of drought – as says the research ran by team from the University of Leeds and the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

According to their observations,  deforestation in a massive scale such as in Amazon region or Congo may reduce the amount of rain in such a degree, that it could lead to catastrophic consequences. Provided that the deforestation scale will be the same until 2050, there will be only one-fifth (21% to be exact) of rain during dry seasons. It may have harmful effect on places inhabited by humans, in areas that strongly depend on the rainfall.
It is because plants put moisture back in the air through their leaves, and this process is called evapotranspiration.

Scientists used observations from NASA’s satellite to examine the amount of deforestation and humidity in the atmosphere. They agreed, that it is important to support initiatives that protect rainforests, especially if they are important for many people to live and develop. Like Brazil, for example, that reduced the deforestation across the Amazon forest.

The question is – do you know any local forest-protecting initiatives near your living area? If you do – please share that information here, on Greenzoner. Also, feel free to comment and discuss!

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4 Responses to “Eco News #15 – deforestation reduces the rain in a dangerous scale”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Too bad 🙁

  2. eyef says:

    >>Do you know any local forest-protecting initiatives near your living area?
    (Sorry for machine-translate. I have no time to translate it manually.)
    Yes. I live in Russia, and in our country is well-known problem of protecting the Khimki forest.
    Khimki – a town in the Moscow region. This forest is part of windbreaks, and its area is 10 square kilometers. In the forest, trees are rare breeds, age of several hundred years and some of the plants listed in the Red Book of the Moscow region.
    The forest has a positive impact on the livelihoods of the inhabitants of the surrounding districts of the Moscow region and Moscow. Due to its size the Khimki forest, part of forest shelter belt of the capital, save the area from pollution. Forest absorbs car exhaust, in addition, he holds the noise and emissions Sheremetyevo Airport and located next to the industrial area. Khimki forest for many years under the protection of the state and its territory were prohibited any construction and any activity. Now, however, the state does not protect it.
    As a result, the forest area was reduced in the forest began to organize the landfill, and the perimeter began to build housing estates and cottages. Funding forestry decreased significantly. Garbage is not removed from the forest, sanitary felling are not made. Flora of the Khimki forest, rich in relict plant communities (oak, bog), rare plants listed in the Red Book of the Moscow region, as well as fauna, may cease to exist. . Further misuse of forest area could lead to an environmental problem. A Ministry of Transport also obtained the right to hold a paid highway through the center of the forest. They were going to cut a glade width of 3 km! During the construction of the plan had to be cut down a huge count of rare species. The residents of the city of Khimki risk being surrounded by industrial areas and highways. And this despite the fact that the Khimki forest – only – in the north of the city. Therefore, there was a whole community of forest defenders, activists of the environmental organization active. Thanks to them, decided to reduce the width of the clearing with 3 kilometers to 100 meters, but still the total area of felling of 95 hectares. The problem of deforestation raised in the press and on television. Was created protest organization “Movement to Defend Khimki forest.” Case of deforestation even went to court and the court initially banned the harvest. It was also found that the area of ​​the forest is leased-day companies, as The losses were allegedly documents establishing a border of the forest and confirm the fact that the forest is protected by the state. While protecting the organization sued, deforestation was actively. The head of the Organization for the Khimki forest Mikhail Beketov was attacked, after which he was taken to hospital with head injuries and multiple fractures. He spent much time in intensive care in a critical condition, he conducted a series of operations. The reason for the attack began writing his earlier letter to President, which provided information about the abuse of power of officials of Khimki. After the operation, Michael is handicapped person. Only after this has been reduced clearing width of 3 km. But a few months later by the Supreme Court of 150 hectares of forest have been handed to Ministry of Transport. Environmentalists have tried to appeal the decision in Strasbourg. A company, leading the preparation for construction of the highway began to cut down the forest. Environmentalists have stopped cutting and organized around the clock in the forest, and raised on the site of cutting the tent city. Police forces all expelled.
    The mayor of Moscow has ignored the arguments of environmentalists and protectors of the forest. Construction resumed. Environmentalists could only achieve a reduction in deforestation by half, and all over the highway is planned to install soundproof screens and make a transition to the animals.

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