Eco News 20# – intensified rainfalls may contaminate drinking water

September 26th, 2012

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Irene hurricane 2011

It was recently discovered, that the New York City’s water supply is contaminated and may pose a serious threat to the health. As New York is one of the most populated city in United States, this may affect very many lives.
The root of a problem lies in a very heavy storm that struck New York City area in 2011. This storm is called Irene and was the most severe weather event in 200 years. Scientists discovered, that in this rainfall, there were dissolved organic remains and other substances that polluted lakes and coastal regions, which may lead to contamination of water supplies, and making drinking water harmful for humans.

Scientists, ecologists and weather analysists claimed that if rainfalls intensife, it will be the cause of various serious ecological consequences, like disturbing biochemical cycles, as the rainfall flushes organic remains out of the ground into the lakes and water supplies.

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