Eco News #23 – Energy from wood – good idea? Discussion in comments!

October 30th, 2012

Hi Greenzoners! 🙂
As we are consuming more and more petroleum in our cars and heating systems, it is inevitable that our oil reserve is going lower and lower. We are running out of oil faster than we could expect, so that many scientists and industrial companies are making their efforts in discovering new types of energy.

It was discovered that we can obtain energy from carbohydrates, which is to be found in some food products or wood. The second one consists of cellulose and hemicullulose, which is carbohydrades and lignin. It was already used during the production of paper, when 50% of wood was burnt and converted into bioenergy. The problem is that lignin is contaminated, so processing it would cause health problems in populated areas.
So the idea is, just like biorefineries, to break the raw material into basic components, boil it in water and alcohol, which leads to the separation of lignin and cellulose, which is later converted into energy.

The problem is, that for now it is rather expensive method, and it implies even bigger deforestation than now (and, as we know, we have already lost many forests).

So, there is the question for you, Greenzoners.

Do you think that getting energy from the wood is a good idea, even though it leads to cutting down even more forests? Share your opinion in the comments!

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