Eco News #28 – shrinking glaciers in Himalayas

November 17th, 2012

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Himalayas Bhutan

Geology professor and scientist, Summer Rupper recently stated that the progressing global warming is affecting the Himalayas.
Yes – the highest mountains in the world are suffering from rising temperature, which leads to the shrinking of glaciers by melting, – leading to huge amounts of water coming down from the mountains.
If temperatures were to rise just 1 degree Celsius, the Bhutanese glaciers would shrink by 25 percent and the annual melt water would drop by as much as 65 percent” says Rupper. The biggest problem may be that there is many towns in villages that may be affected and damaged by the melt water.

The research took place in Bhutan, which is almost entirely located in the Himalayas. Not only the warming is the cause of the changes taking place in Himalayas – the other factors are wind, humidity, evaporation and so on. Heavy snowfall would help restore the glaciers, but under these circumstances, it’s highly unlikely.

Now Bhutanese government is consulting with Rupper about solutions that could help slower that process and prevent habitated areas from disasters. ” They could potentially have a better idea of where best to fortify homes or build new power plants,” Rupper says.

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