Eco News #43 – Coral reefs in danger… because some fish are picky eaters.

February 28th, 2013

If it comes to the destruction of coral reefs, are we truly aware of what’s the cause? 😉

Macroalgae – known as seaweeds are the main problem – when they grow, some of them emit dangerous chemical substances to the water that is damaging the coral reefs.
Actually it’s not a human fault – the population of seaweed is controlled by fish that feed on them – the problem is when overfishing occurs.
But there is also another thing that was discovered by scientists. They set an underwater camera in the reef areas of Fiji islands.
What they saw after long observation, was that it is not enough to have herbivorous (feeding on plants) fish – we need to mix them correctly.
They described this fact as that those fish are picky eaters – which means they don’t like some kind of things, so they don’t eat them – just as humans do. 😉 They choose what’s tastier for them.
Among the most important were two species of unicornfish, which removed numerous types of brown algae. A species of parrotfish consumed red seaweeds, while a rabbitfish ate a type of green seaweed that is particularly toxic to coral. Those four fish species were responsible for 97 percent of the bites taken from all the seaweeds.

What’s another problem is that many of these fish are main source of food for people living on remote islands, where it is very hard to get other food.
So, Greenzoners, how do you think we can solve this problem, so that the reefs won’t collapse, and the island communities will be able to get food?

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