Eco News #50 – The Butterfly of The Sea

April 29th, 2013

Beautiful, isn’t it? 😉


This is called “The Butterfly of the Sea“, also Sea Robin, or Gurnard.
This interesting fish is a bottom dweller, that means it avoids going to the upper parts of the underwater – they can even “walk” underwater by making movements with their pelvic fins and other parts of their body. It’s not related to flying fish, nor do they glide in air, the large pectoral fins are normally held against the body but are spread out when threatened to put off predators

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3 Responses to “Eco News #50 – The Butterfly of The Sea”

  1. romici says:

    🙂 I’d Never listen about this fish,it’s intresting to know about it 🙂

  2. houssem salhi says:

    Is that real?

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