Eco News #8 – dolphin shows in South Korea banned

June 27th, 2012

Even if we find dolphins performing amazing acrobatics, South Korean government decided to ban catching dolphins in purpose of using them in shows.

Dolphin with a ball

Now it is legal to catch dolphin or a whale for a show or researches, but only with a permission given by authorities. Otherwise, it is punishable by 1-2 years in prison or a fine up to 5mln won (round 4,300 american dollars). After this bill is passed, catching whales, dolphins, sea turtles and sea horses will be illegal, as they will be protected species and punishment will rise 3 years in prison and 20mln won fine. Catching these animals will be permitted only for  research reasons.

Now, several dolphins have been released to the wild, big ocean. But many shows’ hosts say that their shows have educative value and can teach children about the world of nature. Also, some of the dolphins have been born in captivity, so they may have many problems with adapting to the wild environment.

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What do you think, Greenzoner? Should Korea release all the dolphins and ban shows, or should these shows stay as educative events?

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