Eco Tips: Ecological cleaners #2 – cornstarch

August 26th, 2012

Another interesting facts regarding ecological cleaners – this time we talk about cornstarch. 😉


Cornstarch can be used not only in preparing food – but also it can  be used to wash off grease stains from your carpet.
Just sip some cornstarch on the dirty spot and leave it there for 20-30 minutes – cornstarch will absorb grease from your carpet and will be ready to be vacuumed. 🙂

Also, if your stuffed animal or your (or your younger sister’s 😉 ) teddy bear got dirty, pour some constarch into a plastic bag, put a toy in a bag and shake it. After that, let the toy stay there for several minutes – all the dirt will go along with constarch when you empty the bag. 😀

What do you think of it, Greenzoners? Maybe you have some interesting experiences with cleaning you would like to share? 😉

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