EcoRiddle 1 – imcrease your chances in oncoming contest!!!

June 6th, 2013

Hello Greenzoners!
Have you heard of the biomass energy? It’s a clean energy made from soil, plants, and trees. Watch this video to learn more about it!

There is oncoming, huge contest with great prizes, and now you have the opportunity to get more chances in it! You will have limited amount of plays in the week… but if you answer us correctly these questions, you will be able to play more often! 😀

These are the questions:
-what form does biomass energy have?
-what is it mostly used for?
-does it produce any pollution? If so, what kind of pollution?

Send us answers on our e-mail (category: Other Issues) – the best answers will get more chances to partake in contest per week!
(answers you may find in this video and internet)

And stay tuned, when we reveal more info about that new contest 😉

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