EcoRiddle 2 – contest revealed!

June 7th, 2013

Hello Greenzoners! We already announced new, incoming contest, in which you could win many great prizes. 😀
But as we said before, you can play only once a week in that contest – but we want to help and give you bigger chance, that’s why we have those GzEcoRiddles!

This time we focus on geothermal energy.
This energy is very clean and has great potential. It’s used more and more widely in countryside areas.

Answer those questions correctly to get better chances in oncoming contest. 😉
The questions are for todays EcoRiddle are:
What countries use the most geothermal energy?
Where is that energy made?

Send us an answer on e-mail (category: Other Issues) and you will get more opportunities in oncoming contest, which… GzEcoQuiz!

More information and EcoRiddles soon!

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