First gzCreature that eats fake accounts! :-) First accounts were deleted!

July 15th, 2010

It was quite difficult recognise fake accounts that’s why we have created complicated and complex algorithm which will help us to recognise dirty tricks in future.

But finally gzWorld have first “animal” that “eats” fake accounts  :-).

We have also given to some of you EEP and invitations we have promissed. This process will take some time, so be patient please! :-)

Keep Green, Pit!

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71 Responses to “First gzCreature that eats fake accounts! :-) First accounts were deleted!”

  1. Reksi says:

    Nice ;D

  2. pepecaliotsa says:


  3. Aluki says:

    Very Good 😀

  4. franco says:

    Good 😀

  5. Mario says:

    wuuu!! that’s so great!!

  6. Mario says:

    wwuuuu! good bye fake accounts xd!

  7. MANOLO says:


  8. HellWay says:


  9. Andruk says:

    Congratulations :) Can’t wait for mines… 😛

  10. Robert says:

    I like this creature :))

  11. LinoOdahir says:

    GreenZoner the best!

  12. Soy Brillante says:


  13. Moses says:

    Nice. will it delete your account if you have a friend that doesn’t log in? Or is it actually “smart”?

  14. KidCanza says:

    haha…glad i´m not a cheater!

  15. Nick says:

    You guys should start something new to earn EEP, like if we send a picture of a tree we planted personally with the receipt from the store, you should give like 50 EEP per tree planted. that would be a great motivator to get people to plant more trees.

  16. GreenZoner UA says:

    Clean&Clear – first “animal” name :)

  17. CALBO171 says:


  18. justin says:

    excellent greenzoner

  19. Iker says:

    Nicely done… :D:D:D:D:D

  20. Christian says:

    Super!!! 😀

  21. Walter De Ochoa says:

    Visit my blog in Latin Spanish =)
    Saludos desde México

  22. kliksoni says:


  23. Niagoz says:

    If GZ give us 50 EEP for being honest. I will have 1000 EEP again :O

  24. JustDelight says:

    Cool :)

  25. Alan Macias (Alarolmac) says:

    en cada pagina de registro de cuentas pongan los llamados


    son muy buenos!! ;D

    Visiten mi pagina web

  26. Bhagya says:


  27. Hector says:

    does 1 person get a prize or more other people 2????????

  28. Ferran says:


  29. chuchin says:

    very nice

  30. Monti says:

    What kind of animal is it?*facepalm*

  31. Anubis-VI says:

    Very good

    Me parese bien sera mas justo y con un buen trabajo

  32. Eyef says:

    lol) strange “animal’ )

  33. Immanuel says:

    automatic deleted or we must contack greenzoner?

  34. Crapautard says:

    This animal is pretty cool 8D

  35. Ricardo says:

    Que bonito esta 😀

  36. Ryan says:

    Haha your gonna be scared of this animal when it comes to eat your account :)

  37. Sunty says:

    Yes! Wery nice animal!

  38. Stanislav says:

    What type of animal is it ?…

  39. YouSsef Elghourfi says:

    Nice 😀

  40. aram says:

    its good

  41. divion says:

    really good 😀

  42. froiland says:

    es un perro?… un caballo? no creo un… bueno es bonito que importa lo que sea

  43. henryKI11 says:

    this spider green?

  44. Grazina says:

    hello nice this animall

  45. Hector says:

    when will the next prize competition star?

  46. ovipegypt says:

    Very Good

  47. Afifi97 says:


  48. maxus5000 says:

    cool!!, awesome!

  49. ezequiel says:


  50. djdomca says:

    when will be redemption?

  51. josemau says:


  52. luxoastuto says:

    muy original… excelente!!! :D!!

  53. sylthvester says:

    what it is?

  54. Reyes Cisneros says:


  55. RAFIK says:


  56. Alucardko says:

    genial, para que no haya tramposos

  57. iMacTunes says:

    “ThePopotin” “horsnpony” “Palatin” “Popala” “Mr.Palawe” “buggiegreen” “Greeneepony” “”

  58. tuto202 says:


  59. Alpha says:

    Please, tell me what means fake accounts?

  60. Malek says:

    Hahaha! Fakers OWNED!

  61. bryan_elgenial says:


  62. […] gzLive <!– « First gzCreature that eats fake accounts! First accounts were deleted! […]

  63. sissina21 says:

    tres bien

  64. Kristoffer says:


  65. Ami says:

    gzCreature name contest: My suggestion is : “gzSecretGuardian” :>

  66. weta says:

    For an ecological environment (GreenZoner)

  67. Darwin Boy Sxander says:

    how about gzHamaEater?
    Hama means plant disease, pest, infection, scourge in Indonesian 😉
    Because those fakes will be disease on gz, right?

  68. Mourad says:


  69. Diegoo :D says:

    Que bieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

  70. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  71. Sirvent says:


  72. Fugazzottong says:

    very well..

  73. Gerardo Guido says:

    Muy bien hecho!
    Que originalidad!

  74. maldonadomalo says:


  75. bocah90 says:


  76. LSP-Cesar says:

    Muy bien

  77. amiralabdou says:


  78. hardkkor says:


  79. Juann says:

    A comer tramposos

  80. AMHZING says:

    hi everyone!!! E)

  81. Audrius22 says:


  82. H0ss says:

    very good!!

  83. jesus says:


  84. edžus. says:

    Fakenitator. [ Fake+Terminator] 😀

  85. jesu124 says:


  86. babi_titotito says:


  87. Nebrios says:


  88. ShkiPer92 says:


  89. sharko says:

    greenosaur … hahaha … thnx

  90. tiffany says:

    idk what the hellll they r talking about

  91. froiland says:

    cleaner , genial

  92. andres says:

    please! i dont wanna other lockerz page anymore

  93. Hayles21 says:

    can someone invite me pls….

  94. ebrahimesmaeel says:


  95. Natce says:

    what is face account ???

    tell me , please

  96. anderson says:

    anti dirt o anti basura q es lo q daña el mundo y la web de greenzoner

  97. bramy says:

    haha… fakerz are owned

  98. kikelive says:

    je, demaciada ironia

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