November 8th, 2013

It is not Christmas yet, but has great gifts for you!

Ok, maybe you have to do something to get them – for example you have to be REALLY good in GZEcoQuiz:).

Yes, let’s talk about prizes you can win in our contest.

Firstly: what you can get?

Gifts are great! Even we here in don’t know which one is the best.

Just check it:

GoodRam Piccolo 32GB, Philips Raga 2GB MP3 Player, Philips GoGear SoundDot, Amazon Kindle 5Bluetooth 2ch Stereo Audio Headset

Great, isn’t it?

Secondly: What do you have to do to get them?

Of course: you have to play in GZEcoQuiz every week and have good score. As you probably all know – in gifts are available only if player has enough EEP.

What does it mean enough? Here you can check how many EEP you have to have to get prizes: PRIZES.

What if somebody has not enough EEP? That is not the end of the world, don’t worry!

Check this out: if you have FREE GZ account you have to have 1000 EEP to get Philips Raga 2GB MP3 Player

In the same time, if you have SKY account you can get this gift even without EEP!

Maybe it is time to think about changing type of your account? All options are here: ACCOUNTS.

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  1. unreal_man says:

    It was once good gifts and now are not bad, even better!

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