Great competition starting tommorow! PS 3 is waiting for its owner; gzTree is waiting to be planted :-)

June 15th, 2010

On 15th gzDay between 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM all GreenZoners that have over 1000 EEP will be able compete for Sony PlayStation 3 Slim!

Competition manual and rules:

  • to participate in competition you must to have at least 1000 EEP
  • on 15th gzDay at 10:00 PM you must be logged on GreenZoner site
  • choose on menu “GreenZoner” and click on “Get it now!” button
  • participation in competition cost 100 EEP (100 EEP will be deducted from your account immediately and won’t be returned)
  • you will see number that countdowns
  • when number will be equal 0, click ! the fastest GreenZoner will get the prize!
  • you have 5 clicks so use them carefully
  • The Winner will pay 1000 EEP for the prize
  • for each user who participate in competition we will give 5 invites back.

We are (including gzTree) very excited and waiting for Winner! 🙂

Pit,Pit and Luk

23 Responses to “Great competition starting tommorow! PS 3 is waiting for its owner; gzTree is waiting to be planted :-)”

  1. Guille says:

    No Speak English 🙁

  2. Niagoz says:

    didnt understand 😀

  3. Israel says:

    No Speak English

  4. Andruk says:

    Soooo cool !!! But I don’t have 1000 EEPs yet 🙁

  5. LinoOdahir says:

    u.u a draw I thought it was redeemed
    but well i’m have 860 EEP 😀

  6. Arthur says:

    i have 910 EEP

  7. franco says:

    I dont have 1000EEP, but i have a doubt, there will be ONE winner? or there are more PS3?

  8. NIcolas says:

    va estar buena la competencia

  9. Mathiu says:

    T_T 209 eep

  10. taskiukas says:

    cool, but i have only 368 🙁

  11. Niagoz says:

    I need more invites !

  12. Chromatic says:

    I think it’s not fair. Just think about cheaters, hackers etc. It will be better to choose winner randomly.
    *Sorry for my bad english*

  13. manar says:

    No Speak English

  14. Arturs says:

    Goood luck to all sad I cannot be in it 🙂

  15. pasho88 says:

    i don´t know

  16. Alexander says:

    how many PS3??????One,two,three???

  17. Lino Odahir says:

    I think one ps3 Y–Y

  18. pr0 says:

    Cool! 1100 EEP ^_^

  19. yussuf says:

    i think one os3

  20. myshury says:


  21. nightelves says:

    So we should have 1100 EEP to win PS3?

  22. luffy76 says:

    Hey, I have 258 EEP
    1000 EEP = PS3

  23. Augis says:


  24. julius says:

    Please.give us more invitations. I have only 702 EEP. my friends does’t get mare friens so it’s no imposible to get 1000 EEP.

  25. daniel ordorica says:

    hey can somebody sen me and invite please my mail is

  26. Felipe Nogueira says:

    Cool! But I just have 202 EEP.

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