begins to change

January 6th, 2013

Hello Greenzoners!
New contests ahead, about which you will learn very soon. 🙂
They will take place not only on – but also on Facebook and other websites. Most active users and contest winners will be rewarded. 😀


The purpose of our actions is promoting ecology on the Internet, educating each other about important, related issues. We invite everyone to join us and create pro-eco mentality.
-if you think that can help people supporting ecology – let us know, tell us what they do and why is  it worth checking out!
-if people around you are interested in the subject we talk about – invite them to our website!
-if you can’t convince them, maybe our prizes can!

iPhone 5

Greenzoner is going to change, so log in and read our blog regularly to learn what’s on in our community. Also, get ready to partake in another contests, and win new prizes!


Keep Green!

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8 Responses to “ begins to change”

  1. Timka says:

    good news 🙂

  2. eyef says:

    Yes, it is great news. The main thing that it does not have only the news and greenzoner really started to get better)

  3. Renata says:

    Huhuhu great 🙂

  4. Evgeniy says:

    Good,very good guys.

  5. Malcom says:

    Muy Buena Noticia =)

  6. john121280 says:


  7. 最近 綺麗になったと思う。

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