gzBlog in over 25 languages? Get additional EEP if you can translate from English! :-)

June 14th, 2010

We have found that some GreenZoners started their own blog and translated gzBlog into their mother tongue :-). That’s such a great idea that Pit decided to make contest for all who is interested in translation!

Help to spread GreenZoner messages around the World!

What do you need to do?

  • Set your own blog in your mother tongue (you can use for example free blog-engines like blog.com or wordpress.com or others that are popular in your country)
  • Translate everything what is on our gzBlog starting from the first gzDay and put on your blog
  • You can add – if you want – also other additional information about everything what is connected with gzWorld for example all movies about GreenZoner.com. Finally it will be your own blog so you can write anything you want to keep readers interested 🙂
  • Try by very precise and pay attention to the quality of translation, your readers will appreciate the effort! 🙂
  • Under each post you have translated and put on your blog, please put link to GreenZoner.com
  • If you have translated everything what is on our gzBlog and put it on your blog, just send to us information about it using contact form. In the title of massage put: “Blog – contest”.
  • Remember! DO NOT translate using Google Translator. Translate into your mother tongue and do it by yourself.

What you can receive?

Every thirty gzDay starting from 30th gzDay we will choose one best blog in each country and give the author 1600 EEP in all! 200 EEP plus 10 invitations which are worth max 1400 EEP.

Others benefits for you?

After a few weeks your blog can be very popular so you can easy reap the financial benefits using for example Google AdWords or other systems! Everything depends on you.

We will inform GreenZoner community about your blog on our site!

Keep green and we’re waiting for your emails! 🙂

Luk & Pit

103 Responses to “gzBlog in over 25 languages? Get additional EEP if you can translate from English! :-)”

  1. Gulgul says:

    Great stamp 😀 I love it. Could I get one in real? 😀

  2. LinoOdahir says:

    oooohh I try
    In spanish! 😀

  3. Boxer says:

    I will translate into Russian!

  4. Xtreme says:

    How I can do it? I have to create my blog?

  5. Gulgul says:

    Xtreme is easy! Simply go to blog.com or other this kind free stuff, register, login and translate, translate, put movies, pics – all you think will be interesting for peoples looking for information about gzWorld in their language. Simply. That’s what I gonna do!

  6. LinoOdahir says:

    from where it started the blog?
    May 10th? or where?

  7. Ion says:

    I will translate into Romanian

  8. Jonte says:

    Hi! I could translate to Swedish (:

  9. Gvidas says:

    I will translate in to lithuanian

  10. Radek says:

    I will translate to Poland

  11. Yonsje says:

    I’ll translate to Dutch! 😀

  12. Andruk says:

    I will translate to Spanish and French, this is an awesome idea, nice one Pit!

  13. Igor says:

    I can translate in Ukrainian or Russian

  14. Ricardo says:

    Perfecto, lo siento por mi lenguaje pero lo intentare en Ingles 🙂


  15. Ian says:

    I can do Latin (Though not many speak it anymore) Or spanish.

  16. Dragos says:

    I will translate to Romanian!!!

  17. Niagoz says:

    Spanish for my blog 🙂

  18. nick says:

    German Polish and Spanish lemme know if you need these

  19. Gulgul says:

    Hey people do not use google translator or something like this to translate! Translate into your mother tongue! Remember that this language versions are for mates in your contry, they will read it. I waiting for Greek! 😀

  20. vLka says:

    I will translate into french

  21. DANGER-BOBAH says:

    I’ll try to translate into Russian., just little bit later 😉

  22. sahan says:

    İn Turkish(Turkce olsun :D)

  23. AngelDead says:

    I can translate to Russian language.

  24. rodolfo says:

    ok, i do the best to create the blog from my country CHILE, if someone wants to help me, i do the translation.

    ok hare lo mejor para crear el blog de mi pais CHILE, si es que alguien quiere ayudarme yo hare las traducciones y ahi nos repartimos los puntos, voy a contactar si es que se pude si no lo hare solo

  25. Valentin says:

    I’m transate French

  26. SilverNight says:

    I will translate to Poland

  27. drago1500 says:


  28. Pavlusha says:

    I will translate it in Russian!

  29. Straxo says:

    I will translate in 4 countrys ^^

  30. hagas says:

    i dont now…

  31. PxlSqrl says:

    I’ll translate to Russian, as i said at mail 🙂

  32. taskiukas says:

    cool, but Edmundas translate blog only with google translate, so it is very bad..

  33. pilkaris says:

    I will translate in Lithuanian.

  34. clark says:

    lindo lindo adorei o selo

  35. Ariana says:

    hola quiero invitación para GREENZONER!! gracias
    my mail is: cml.rom@gmail.com

  36. Ariana says:

    hi I want invitation for GreenZone! thanks
    my mail is: cml.rom@gmail.com

    hola quiero invitación para GREENZONER!! gracias

  37. Рома says:

    Класно ,я б хотів перевести на укр мову)

  38. lukkipazzo says:

    i can do in italian …

  39. Cleber says:

    Χαιρόμαστε που έχετε αποφασίσει να ενταχθούν στην κοινότητα GreenZoner.
    GreenZoner είναι ένα διεθνές πρόγραμμα καινοτόμο οικολογικό προσανατολισμό. Με τη συμμετοχή σε αυτό το έργο, θα έχετε τη δυνατότητα να κερδίσουν βραβεία!
    Δρομολογήσει σχέδιο απαιτεί τη βοήθεια μιας μεγάλης ομάδας των ενεργών χρηστών του Διαδικτύου σε όλο τον κόσμο. Έτσι, η πρώτη εργασία που θα σας φέρει πιο κοντά τα βραβεία είναι για την οικοδόμηση κοινότητα GreenZoner. Κάθε φορά που σας προσκαλούν νέους χρήστες, θα λάβετε ΠΠΕ, το οποίο τους φέρει πιο κοντά τα βραβεία!
    Όσο πιο σύντομα ξεκινήσετε συσσώρευση σημεία, τόσο πιο σύντομα θα είστε σε θέση να συλλέξει τα δώρα!
    Σε GreenZoner όχι μόνο το βραβείο που έχει σημασία, αλλά και αυτό που κάνεις. Κάθε κέρδισε βραβείο αντιστοιχεί σε ένα δέντρο που φυτεύτηκαν από GreenZoner. Έτσι, η χαρά της συμμετοχής σε ένα διεθνές έργο σημαντικό και κερδίζοντας βραβεία συμπληρώνεται με την ικανοποίηση να κάνουμε τον κόσμο πιο πράσινη.
    Με εκτίμηση,

  40. Ahti says:

    i can try to translate into Russian

  41. WdM says:

    Gonna do it in german!

  42. emanuele says:

    I can translate it into Italian

  43. Kandres says:

    Quiero ser traductor al español. Por favor contacteme.
    Hey! Team GreenZoner I’d like to become a translator to Spanish. I think I were a suitable person because nowadays I’m studying English Teaching focused in Translation. So I have many skills in this topic.

    Please contact me!

  44. Richard says:

    i can translate in spanish im ecuadorian and here we speack spanish

  45. NguyenDuy says:

    I will translate it into Vietnamese

  46. Savas3133 says:

    I could translate to lithuanian language, it’s kinda hard but I could do it

  47. Chase03 says:

    I can do perfect Hungarian or Romanian

  48. Abdualazez says:

    I will translate it into arabic

  49. SlamDruw says:

    Какой продукт подходит именно вам?

  50. Anh Duy Bui says:

    I can translate vietnamese
    I can do it , oh yeah
    xin chào

  51. enrico says:

    i’m ready to traslate in ITALIAN!!!

  52. Luiz says:

    I could help with portuguese.

  53. Ignas says:

    I will translate in Lithuania, Russia.

  54. Mindaugas says:

    Sveiki ar yra cia Lietuviu?;)

  55. coke says:

    I can translate to Lithuanian

  56. Mindaugas says:

    I will translate in Lithuanian.

  57. Rimvydas says:

    Hello,i can translate well in Lithuanian language,if you interesting write rimvydasgk@gmail.com

  58. SIKA009 says:


  59. BlacKup says:

    I do it in Italian!!

  60. Leonardo says:

    I will translate in Portuguese!!

  61. lukas says:

    Yra lietuviu!!!!!

  62. diegohenry says:

    I want to translate the site greenzoner Portuguese and so contact me

  63. dima_sever says:

    I will translate in Russian.

  64. kickazz says:

    I will translate in DUTCH

  65. Darius says:

    I can translate in lithuanian and in rusiian and in eanglish :DDDD From wat to start ?

  66. baudon00 says:

    I Can Translate in French.

    Je suis francais et très bon en anglais, je pourrai traduire 🙂

  67. Emanuel says:

    hola yo puedo traducir a español

  68. Xtra says:

    I would like to translate in german…

  69. hakan says:

    Good morning I would like to accept an invitation plz

  70. course says:

    I want to translate in Czech:)

  71. irakli says:

    I want to translate the site greenzoner in georgian

  72. Dee-Age says:

    I will translate in German!

  73. Erik says:

    henryKI11, you translated your blog with some program? =P
    Cause the sentences doesn’t make sense.

  74. MatWoj says:

    I will translate to Polish

  75. NoNameGodLike says:

    I can translate to German, and Polish

  76. RaphaelQuaresma says:

    I will translate to Portuguese, please!

  77. karbaa says:

    i translate in frensh

  78. Eric says:

    I can translate to spanish- Puedo traducir al español

  79. Paulius says:

    i will translate in Lithuanian 🙂

  80. seven says:

    i translate in russian

  81. salb-alroo7 says:


  82. Shriji Kondan says:

    I can translate To

    Indian Languages(Tamil, Hindi)

  83. Shriji Kondan says:

    And I think lazy to satisfy your conditions 😀 😀 😀 😀 I may do later and repost!

  84. Gabriel says:

    PT-BR you can leave to me, i think i can finish in about 6 days, 10 days sure.

  85. abed says:

    I will translate to arabic

  86. Maho says:

    i would like to translate it to lithuanian language =)

  87. Asfandlakho says:

    i can translate in Urdu and Sindhi

  88. RoNeN says:

    i can translate to Hebrew
    אני יכול לתרגם לעברית (i can translate to Hebrew)

  89. akshay says:

    i will translate in hindi.

  90. Jose Diaz says:

    I can trsnalate from english to spanish and english to german butt i dont now wat to do on the site to do it

  91. Scott says:

    I will translate in Vietnamese.

  92. Mattia14 says:

    I’ll translate in Italian!

  93. Igor says:

    …I can translate in Rumanian and Russian

  94. Eyf says:

    GreenZoner » Архив блога » Свой блог на родном языке? says:

    This post – with google translator’s blog on 100%.
    Zero of work. Only machine translator

  95. Mantas says:

    I will translate in lithuanian

  96. andrea says:

    i can traslate in italian

  97. ernis says:

    I can translate in lithuanian (LT)

  98. aloyzas says:

    No man i will translate it in lithuanian (LT)

  99. Eyf says:

    GreenZoner UA – you are thief.
    Хватит воровать мой блог! По заданию надо переводить английский блог, а ты переводишь мой русский блог! Это сродни copy-paste.

  100. victor says:

    tem que ter em portugues (Brasil) 🙂

  101. lolka says:

    i can translate in Russian .

  102. rolla95 says:

    I can translate to russian and latvian languages!

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