GZEcoQuiz – redemption list is closed, but…

December 21st, 2013

Hi there!

Redemption list of GZEcoQuiz is closed. During next three days all players from redemption list will take part in final game. When exactly? Nobody knows, you have to check it every day!

Better do it, cause GZEcoQuiz is not only the best game online, it is also game with the best prizes!

Here you can find few things you should know about before final game…

1. If you are on redemption list – check every day if it is time to take part in final game!

2. If you don’t have place on redemption list yet – check HERE.

3. If you have place on redemption list, but you don’t have enough EEP to get the best prizes – read HERE. Our gifts are worth fighting – you can read about them HERE and HERE.

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