gzTeam have planted first gzTree :-). See the pictures!

June 22nd, 2010

We needed to change the date of planting the first gzTree because of weather condition, but finally it happened.  First gzTree has been planted :-).

It is really important day to all GreenZoners because it opens new chapter in gzWorld history.

We hope that in near future gzTree will be planted every single day :-).

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  1. pepecaliotsa says:


  2. JsCL97 says:

    Ya pronto plantare un árbol.

  3. jesu124 says:

    yo acabo de plantar un arbol

    nose como subir fotos

  4. LinoOdahir says:

    great! 😀 and when is the winners of blogs?
    que malo es mi ingles xD

  5. Dober_19 says:

    Ура блог снова ожил! Да да сажать деревья это прекрасно! Озеленим нашу голубую планету!

  6. Niagoz says:

    Yay! Esto es el inicio de muchos mas 🙂

  7. Luciano says:

    How can I help to traduce the blog?

  8. Luciano says:

    My original language is Spanish, but I know English really well

  9. Piratarg says:

    Muuuy biiieeen!!! ese arbol fue por vos niagoz, ahora voy por uno yo. 🙂

  10. TheBlackTux says:

    Where are these trees being/going to be planted?

    Donde estan o van a ser plantados los arboles?

  11. asteb says:

    todo comienzo es el que cuesta, felicitaciones!!!

  12. Dorian Gabriel Ceron says:

    Nice Job, I have an environmental ONG with my family where we planted many trees

  13. pepecaliotsa says:

    ei lino, q chico q es el mundo! ajja soy mau salgado!

  14. Eli Carlos says:

    Vamos fazer o mesmo e ajudar o mundo pra isso tô convidando mais amigos!!

  15. Arturs says:

    What a beatiful tree guys.
    I love it. And imagine seening this kind of a beauty every single day….
    Love what your doing guys keep it up 🙂

  16. André says:

    estão de parabéns, sucesso pro greenzone =D

  17. Christian says:

    Wow! genial así se va juntos por un planeta mejor y mas limpio!! 😀

  18. XbaiX says:

    realy cool nice view

  19. stefan says:

    Great guys a good work you done there,go guys and save our planet:D

  20. Stanich says:

    One tree is just a drop in the ocean.

    But without single drop, there wouldn’t be any oceans.

    Earth is probably grateful for this drop.

  21. Artjom says:

    Good job! Great!

  22. Ricardo says:

    make an event that everyone plant a tree and each tree would be 500 eep good, so we all contribute to help the planet

  23. Niagoz says:

    I’m completly agree with Ricardo 😀

  24. RoNeN says:

    nice its very good to make the world greener and very important !

  25. julius says:

    Please.give us more invitations. I have only 702 EEP. my friends does’t get mare friens so it’s no imposible to get 1000 EEP.

  26. snayder says:

    Eso es todo primer arbol de muchos que bendran ;P
    yo asta jardinera puse en mi casa jejeje

  27. ievuzh says:

    Ricardo, good idea! 🙂

  28. raketa says:

    деревья наше будущее

  29. George says:

    Where you do this?

  30. wolverin says:

    yes i m agree ricardo too,good idea!!

  31. Darius says:

    Yea men 🙂 keep it going guys

  32. hdvn says:

    Great! Congratulation!

  33. Zeus says:

    It would be really great if they really make an event !!
    P.s. such a wonderful tree ^^
    P.P.s nice nature 😀

  34. David says:

    Can I help you in translation?

  35. Thiago says:

    Legal isso =D

  36. v1p1r says:

    i like it…its awesome..keep it up man..hope 4 a greenish world in near future…

  37. River says:

    GREAT!!! COngratulations gzTeam!!! Let’s participate in planting trees everyone!!!!God bless.

  38. Boxer says:

    Еггее Бёрезу посадили)))))))

  39. Mateus says:

    Parabéns! iniciativas assim que vão mudar o mundo e tornalo mais verde.

  40. Pedr says:

    Now…plant one every day… 😀

  41. Zeus says:

    edmundas gal reiktu padet su vertimu?

  42. mohato says:

    Thank you. Very good idea and work!

  43. Luwiego says:

    Coool ! But how fo you get the money for planting tress when your giving away free prizes ?

  44. amadiuz says:

    très belle action pour préserver notre belle planétte
    c’est un jeste pour la planette 🙂

  45. Duke says:

    Vamos cuidar da natureza antes que a natureza não cuide mais de nos…

  46. mzzrrt says:


  47. Luan says:

    Ki bom presenciar isso.

  48. Joao says:



    Very Nice

  49. akshay says:

    gr8 today i willl also plant a tree in my garden.

  50. nonax says:

    OK eso me parece perfecto! ahora si empezamos bien con el pie derecho eso es bueno..
    Ok that’s Great!! Thats Good!! so very nice!! Thank you!

  51. Wes Rocha says:

    Vamos proteger oq nos fornece vida.

  52. obola says:

    congratulation!!! it’s very good 🙂

  53. luipereira says:


  54. abbas says:

    Very Nice keeep going

  55. DJ_PASHOK says:


  56. Black007Shark says:

    WOW Congratulation
    I hope that we can planted every day more trees

  57. L30N4RD0 says:

    Precisamos mudar a data do plantio das gzTree primeiro por causa de condições meteorológicas, mas finalmente aconteceu. gzTree Primeiro foi plantada :-).

    É dia muito importante para todos GreenZoners porque abre novo capítulo na história gzWorld.

    Esperamos que no futuro próximo gzTree serão plantadas a cada 🙂 único dia.

    Traduzida para Portugues

  58. Renan says:

    Cool ! Good Luck for the next trees !

  59. Thaís says:

    Muito Legal !
    Tem que continuar, nós podemos fazer a diferença!

  60. aloisioalves says:

    Great !
    save the world!

  61. fer says:

    Yes, we care for the environment

  62. andrejs says:

    You could give 100 points for those who plant tree and make photo or video !

  63. victor says:

    vamos preservar a naruteza sempre

  64. caio says:

    very good. so we must continue

  65. ciprianos says:


  66. vetor69 says:

    Very good, this is it, the first of many.

  67. Max says:


  68. Chelo says:

    Felizitaciones que bueno.. me parece muy linda esta comunidad :D..

  69. Raul says:

    very good comunity is amazing =)

  70. Atasuke says:

    I have hope in people like you

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