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gzWorld is getting bigger! We are moving and housewarming party is coming with next competition! :-)

June 29th, 2010

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We are happy to say that GreenZoners activity is so high that we need to find new, more spacy location for our gzWorld!

Tree which is overgrow the space.

Relocation will take place on 29th gzDay at 03:00:00 AM. Until this date some small problems may occur so please be patient :).

First 5000 GreenZoners who will fulfill following conditions:

  • will log in as the first, just after relocation time 29th gzDay at 03:00:00 AM
  • and have invited at least 5 friends who have registered on GreenZoner

will get 65 EEP and 3 invitations more!  :-).

Welcome to the new, more spacy, greener and warmer home!

Keep Green and we are going to celebrate tonight, join us 🙂

[30th gzDay] This contest is finished. Thanks to everyone who logged on just after the three having been invited and registered five friends. Winners  got 65 EEP and 3 additional invitations. Congratulations!


you have got already 65 dollars and 3 invitations..

91 Responses to “gzWorld is getting bigger! We are moving and housewarming party is coming with next competition! :-)”

  1. Zeus says:

    what do you mean with sentence: “and have invited at least 5 friends who registered already”… Does it mean we can reinvite our old friends which already hawe account on gz?

    • Don says:

      It means: if you have invited five friends at least, and they have registered on GreenZoner this is one condition 🙂

  2. Radu says:

    I already do the conditions

  3. Zeus says:

    But they hawe to register AFTER gz site relocation do i get it right? And how many place are rewarded? 5000?

    • Zeus says:

      I think I misunderstood. Only the users who sent 5 invites to their friends and registered to it, has 1 of 2 conditions needed. And the second condition would be login as soon as posible after relocating gz site. If I failed again, plz reply to my post 😀 Sry for double posting.

  4. Trevor says:

    This is a good offer…
    But for me in the UK, I would have to login at about 2 o’clock in the morning, before school on friday. Ah well, sod school, greenzoner is amazing, and i think it deserves to get people up early to appreciate what it does

  5. Ricardo says:

    Perfect, thanks green zoner!

  6. LinoOdahir says:

    aam no entendi :S alguien me explica?

  7. David says:

    me parece bien, pero que paso con los 50 EPP y las 2 invitaciones para los que no hicimos trampa, por que eso fue lo que ofrecieron verdad, a mi no me ha llegado nada aun, a alguno de uds., si???? o cmo se hara eso???????

  8. steven says:

    I need an invite annyone thanx

  9. Alexis says:

    thats great!

  10. velmer says:

    hermanos no es cuando la pag. tenga 29 dias?? bueno x soy nuevo =D

  11. 4l3xTS says:

    Me parece muy bien, Gracias.

  12. Arturs says:

    Why so late :(?

  13. Eyf says:

    New server? ясно…

  14. Crapautard says:

    gzWorld va s’agrandir ! Nous allons déplacer notre site et la pendaison crémaillère arrivera avec la prochaine compétition! 🙂
    Le 29 juin 2010

    Nous somme heureux de vous annoncer que l’activité de Greenzoner est tellement grande que nous devons trouver un nouveau et plus grand lieu pour notre gzWorld !

    Les arbres commencent à prendre tout l’espace.
    La re-localisation prendra place pendant le 39ème gzDay à 3 heures du matin. Jusqu’à cette date quelques petits problèmes pourraient apparaître alors soyez patients s’il vous plaît 🙂 .

    Les 5000 premiers GreenZoners qui remplirons les conditions suivantes :

    * Se connecter dans les premiers, juste après la l’heure de re-localisation ( 29ème jour 3 heure du matin )
    * et avoir invité 5 amis qui s’enregistreront sur GreenZoner

    Gagnerons 65 EEP et 3 invitations en plus ! 🙂

    Bienvenue dans la nouvelle, plus spacieuse et plus chaleureuse maison !

    Restez “vert” et nous allons célébrer ça se soir, joignez-nous 🙂


  15. neko says:

    O_o que bien

  16. Lino Odahir says:

    jajajaja pequeño error niagoz que vergüenza xD :$
    bueno a esperar

  17. daniel says:

    a que buenooooo jjajaja

  18. ezequiel says:

    que buena pagina ea

  19. simo says:

    is goooooooooooood

  20. PhyXsiuS says:


  21. William says:

    a few minutes left 😀

  22. Zeus says:

    Where’s the party? O.o

  23. JsCL97 says:

    And the EEP?

  24. tutu says:

    how do we know if we won?

  25. Jim says:

    I’ve done everything…Where are my EEP?:)

  26. nonax says:

    here i am

  27. luddite says:

    I have not got my 65 EEP and 3 extra invitations :/

  28. Radu says:

    here i am

  29. Spamer1994 says:

    here i am

  30. yussuf says:

    when we can get this 65 eep and 3 invitations
    i loged in at 29 gzday at 3:00

  31. Arturs says:

    Where is my EEP ^_^?

  32. El ajani Reda says:

    Please here i am

  33. v1p1r says:

    When r we gonna receive 65 EEP+3 invitations???I logged on 29 gZ 3:00 AM…still haven’t received anything???was I late or nobdy has got so far????

  34. labeij says:

    i haven’t got anything so faaar.. still waiting 🙂

  35. Dimen says:

    arriba españa ! ganaremos el mundial

  36. wagner canto says:


  37. Monti says:

    I thought i still have time. Too bad… =(

  38. William says:

    I want my 65 eep and invitations…
    Also, the 50 eep and inv. for not creating fake accounts…

  39. David says:

    parece que no hay noticia de los 50 EEP por no hacer trampa y los 65 EEp por tener mas de 5 invitados????
    si a alguien ya los recibio, haber si lo comenta…
    Gracias y saludos

  40. hitesh says:

    i could nt take part in the competition, i dont hav any invite, how can i take part in the contest… i spent my all invites in making 1000eep

    really Greenzoners this is not right… :X

  41. victor says:

    this is cool

  42. neko says:

    thanks for the invitations and the eep 🙂

  43. labeij says:

    i’ve received the EEP and invitations 🙂 thx

  44. johnnykandor says:

    greenzoner rules

  45. gabriel says:

    e muito bom

  46. yussuf says:

    i GOT 65 EEP & 3 invitations…!!!
    wow thtat`s real….!!!!

  47. modog45 says:

    hey can anyone of you guys send me an invite my email is mnsalameh@yahoo.com

  48. anthoni says:

    this is cool/esto esta bien parron

  49. v1p1r says:

    I got my 65 eep+3 invitations…..wow!!!its great…GZ rocks…[:)]

  50. luddite says:

    I still didn’t get my 65 EEP + 3 invitation :/ 🙁

  51. Permenko says:

    How do I know I was in a number of 5000 first or not?

  52. Zeus says:

    Me too, haven’t gotted the pts and invites :/ its a pitty

  53. Kibuba says:

    I dont get nothing… why?

  54. luis says:

    I still didn’t get my 65 EEP + 6 invitation :/

  55. Won Jin Um says:

    Got my 65 EEP + 3 Invitation. 😀

  56. vanessa says:

    gz mola 🙂

  57. nifevato says:

    demalas yo que hasta ahora me puedo inscribir, pero bueno despues vendran mas concursos

  58. Grazina says:

    How get this eep?

  59. Dang says:

    Hey guy! can you show me how can I do to active translations ?

  60. Filipe says:

    I can translate the website to portuguese 😀
    jus contact me 😀

  61. maryam says:

    Hi, could u tell me how to activate translations?

  62. ovipegypt says:

    good site

  63. Carlos says:

    Can I do active translations?

  64. alabeo22 says:

    hi mi name is arley spaeak spanish and it is the best pag

  65. Tommy says:

    gzWorld là nhận được lớn hơn! Chúng tôi đang di chuyển và housewarming bên là đến với cuộc thi tiếp theo! 🙂

  66. Thiago Inacio says:

    como faso para colocar um plugin para traduçao de pagina?

  67. kStM says:

    Gracias GZ es verdaderamente efectivo

  68. ducquang009 says:

    bạn có thể chỉ cho tôi làm thế nào tôi có thể làm để bản dịch đang hoạt động? thank

  69. ducquang009 says:

    can you show me how can I do to active translations ?

  70. Mourad212 says:

    i have collected 1000 EEP, and i am still waiting my gift
    what i should to do ??

    Please tell me..

  71. brian says:

    hwo to i activate the translations i want to be able to get more points ???

  72. eduardo says:

    Tengo mis 65 eep tres invitaciones … wow ..! Sus rocas grandes … GZ … [:)]

  73. ray150379 says:

    ok maguey entendido pendientes

  74. Fran says:

    no entiendo como juntar puntosss en esta maldita paginaaa, solo junto los putos de entradaa..

  75. Kanashix says:

    I would like to know how to help in the translation into Spanish?

  76. ANA ISABEL says:

    No se muy bien como va esto alguien me puede explicar algo gracias un saludo

  77. Dang says:

    Mình không biết bạn à!

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