Little problems with e-mails

November 11th, 2013

Hello GreenZoners,

We have two information for you: one jest bad, one is good.

Bad news is: we had some problems with e-mails delivery (eg. sending an invitations).

Good news is: we’ve solved this problem! No more problems with sending an invitations.

We are really sorry if you also noticed any problems. Now everything will be ok.

Small task for you: if you receive any e-mail from on GMAIL account and have it in SPAM folder, please find and click “NOT SPAM” button. It will help us a lot!

Thank you and keep green!

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One Response to “Little problems with e-mails”

  1. Ahmed Ali Mourad says:

    i’ve 5 email in SAMP and I clicked “NOT SPAM” button to all.

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