Mother Earth news – amazing discovery in Mexican desert

July 26th, 2013

Hello GreenZoners,

did you hear about it? That is probably one of most important for history, ecology and environment news this year. Is here anybody from Mexico?

Meet hadrosaur, duck-billed dinosaur. His 72million-year-old tail was found in a desert in northern Mexico – it has been announced. Here you can see how did he look like – according to Wikipedia:

Some amazing facts about this discovery:

– the ‘unusually well-preserved’ five yard-long tail was the first ever found in Mexico

– archaelogists found the 50 vertebrea of the tail

– around the tail were other fossilised bones, even one of the hips

– dinosaur tail finds are relatively rare, so this discovery is a kind of unique gift for science

– it was discovered by villagers living nearby – so look around, never know what you can find in your garden;)

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