New Contest: Holidays with Greenzoner (gzPhoto Contest)

August 22nd, 2012

Hello Greenzoners! We’re just after Best Of contest, and now we’re starting another one! 😀
This one is called gzPhoto Contest, and this is a photo contest. What do you need to do is to make a photo, somehow related to the topic of summer, vacation (you can use your holiday pictures!) and so on. In this photo there must be visible Greenzoner’s logo and/or a name. You can do it, for example, by putting stones on a beach, creating the caption: GREENZONER. – we are awaiting the most creative, inventive photos – the more original they are, the better! Remember, it doesn’t have to be only GZ logo or name – you can also put some sentence, proverb, or anything related to Greenzoner. Again – be creative! 😉

Greenzoner shirt


1. You have to send your application via contact form “GzPhoto Contest Request”
2. Along with the picture, you need to send your full name, e-mail address and country.
3. Your picture must be posted somewhere on the web, for example, your site, or blog, anything. It has to be named greenzoner_gzphoto_contest.jpg or greenzoner_gzphoto_contest.png.
4. Send us a link to that site (with picture posted on). Remember – there must be link leading to Greenzoner ( beneath the picture, if you wish to partake!
5. Maximum size of a picture is 800×600. If you’re not good at editing photos, you can simply change size in MS Paint.
6. You are required to add short clause, in which you agree to have your photos published and used in a contest.
7. Every user can send only 2 pictures.
The contest will have a form of a voting – kind of like Blog Contest.
The users who took best 3 pictures will win EEP [50x amount of partaking users], special Greenzoner T-shirt and the best picture will be used as a timeline picture on Greenzoner’s Facebook profile.
Also, we are planning to introduce something bigger as a prize… 😉

iPod shuffle

Voters also will be rewarded (6 EEP for a vote), you will able to vote once every 12 hours.
Good luck, we count on your creativity and originality – we’re waiting for your pictures until August 27th, but maybe then we will prolong it (depends on the number of photos)

Keep green, and remember – Greenzoner motifs along with holidays and summer topics. Preferably not edited on your computer, unless you can do it really well. 😉

Good luck!

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25 Responses to “New Contest: Holidays with Greenzoner (gzPhoto Contest)”

  1. juan fernando says:

    and I have to create a blog is not mandatory as

  2. Влад says:

    я не понял с логотипом гринзона надо сделать? и куда отправить?

    • eyef says:

      Написано же – сделать логотип из подручных материалов.
      Например выложить из камней слово гринзонер и сфоткать.
      Отправлять через форму обратной связи ссылку на свою фотку.
      Форма обратной связи – это Contact us в правом углу сайта.

  3. feder says:


  4. Влад says:

    я не понял куда отправить фото

  5. chafik says:


  6. Avasiloaie Adrian says:


  7. OUSSAMA says:


  8. brahim38310 says:


  9. mohamed says:

    i wish that I can recieve ohhhhhhhhhh

  10. safa says:

    really nice….

  11. abel says:

    muy hermoso muy bonito yo lo quiero 🙂

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  13. RAÍ JHONNY says:

    Ainda posso participar?

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