Plan to start in GzEcoArticle contest? Want to get more EEP? Join the GzKnights!

January 11th, 2013

Hello Greenzoners! If you would like to participate in GzEcoArticle contest, but you are afraid you don’t have enough EEP – there is a way to solve  this problem! Check updated infomations!

Now, when you play GzDefender, if you get points – you get EEP! And then you can gather even more EEP, when you beat your best score.
It’s a good way to practice your reflex and accuracy, as well as gain some EEP. 🙂


  • you earn EEP points for the best score saved in the GzDefender Open Contest that you scored earlier – just play this weekend!
  • there is no limit on the number of games in one day … so I can now beat your score and earn more EEP (for each result that is better than the previous one) – it will be limited soon, so join the GzDefender game!

Our administrator the best score is about 120 000 , why not to beat him GzKnights! 🙂

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15 Responses to “Plan to start in GzEcoArticle contest? Want to get more EEP? Join the GzKnights!”

  1. romici says:

    New eep! It’s good!

  2. amine says:

    I can Get More New eep !! That’s Wonderful

  3. eyef says:

    We need eep to participate in GzEcoArticle contest? I don’t understand…
    Why we need eep for it? I think in article contest we must write articles.
    But… We need eep for it? I don’t understand…

    • admin says:

      Generally all contests and redemptions in always are connected with EEP substraction (there are some exceptions) to enter into it. So I think you should read all informations about the given contest.
      If you have any questions write to us by contact form, because it’s impossible to answer all comments.

  4. Tods Shoes says:

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  5. yoel says:

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  6. amine says:

    i dont understand freind

  7. Rodrigo Alejandro Camino Aguilar says:

    I can only say, this website it´s different but awesome! Thanks!

  8. Rodrigo Alejandro Camino Aguilar says:

    How i can get more EEP???

  9. takichan says:

    New eep! It’s good!

  10. 2yura says:


  11. boualem says:

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  12. Malcomsparrow says:

    Ya kiero cobrar mi premio

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