Prizes demonstration #1 – iPhone 5

March 28th, 2013

Hello there, Greenzoners! As you may probably heard some time ago, we introduced new prizes, along with many contests we started (GzPhoto II, GzBlog II, GzEcoArticle etc.)
You can read about those contests on our blog. But now let’s share some information about one of our new prizes 😉



-now the iPhone is being powered by A6, which provides more energy to the device than before, decreasing the time of recharging it!
-the battery can work for even 10 hours straight
-has wireless connection to the internet, now much faster and with more places when you can access it
-if we are lost, there are maps that will help us find our way!
– it has the 8MP camera which makes photos in great quality. Also, the hardware and software now easily work together, which makes more enjoyable and easy for us to edit our pictures.
It’s especially efficient when there are bad lighting conditions.
-uses Retina display which shows the images in high quality
-by special sorting application you can keep your passes, tickets and coupons with you, on your iPhone!
-but what’s most important, it’s a phone – and not only it lets you to have traditional voice conversations, but also video conferences, and mails 😉

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