Eco Tips: Saving clean air

September 16th, 2012

This time let’s focus on something very important, yet simple. Air. 🙂

Here are some easy ways to save your clean air, especially if you live in a big, polluted city. 😉

– you don’t need to go too far? Don’t take the car, then! Use bike or just walk, eventually, choose public transport – you will also save some money.

use compost piles – don’t burn leaves, or you can even hurt your lungs. If you have any natural or organic left overs, just throw them into that pile, instead of putting them in a dust bin. You will have more space for other litter, and after some time, the remains in the compost will become good fertilizer for your garden.

– if you’re concerned about the insufficient quality of air in your town, write a letter (or ask some members of the family to do it for you) to your city councilor, mayor, or to local newspaper. Raise the awareness in your area, organize petition. 😉

Have your own, unique ideas? Share them! 😀

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