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Finally we started GzBlog Contest! Remember to go HERE and give your vote everyday, so that you can get EEP!

And IMPORTANT INFORMATION for the blog owners! Remember that you have to update your blog, by putting posts from our blog into your blog, after translating it into your language.
Every update you are required to report to us: the time limit is 3 days for translating one post – if you won’t do it in time, your blog will be disabled until you update your blog. Don’t worry though, we will try to be as liberal as we can 🙂

Also, if we are making many posts in short time, for examples, we post 3 posts in 3 days or more, you can just translate one of them (but the more the better 😉 )

Thanks for participating and good luck! Remember to vote!

Hello Greenzoners! Thank you for your submission to GzBlog and GzPhoto contest. We really appreciate the fact that you want to participate. 😉

Still, we need certain amount of submission to start a contest. We need at least 20 photos for GzPhoto contest (with “photo ok” status), and minimum 10 blogs in GZBlog contest (with “blog ok” status), so that you can compete and win prizes! 🙂 (more…)

Dear Greenzoner! Because of not being updated, we had to disable all two Pakistani blogs.
Message to the owners – your blogs lack only few newest posts from Greenzoner’s blog, can update it and you can be back into contest. Also, we disabled blogs from Moldova.
One blog is updated ( ), but we need at least two blogs per country, to let the country partake. So, please update other Moldavian blogs or create new, so that Moldova  will be back into contest. 🙂

Dear Greenzoner bloggers 😉
If you want your blogs to stay active, please update them until tomorrow (that is gzDay 754) 12:00.

Also, if you want your new blog to participate in Blog Contest, send as an e-mail via contact form. 😉

Update your blogs!

June 17th, 2012

Dear Greenzoners, we remind you about updating your blogs, or else they will be taken down! 🙂

Hello Greenzoners!
Blog Contest is still on and we’d like to remind you about updating your blogs! Some of the blogs don’t have the newest posts, if the owners won’t update their blogs today, blogs will be deactivated. 🙂

Blog contest update #4

March 24th, 2012

Dear Greenzoners, thank you for your effort put into Blog Contest. 🙂 We remind you about updating your blogs regularly, translating every new post published on Greenzoner’s blog.
Also, we require from every blog to have a Greenzoner’s stamp visible on the main page. To upload this stamp, you need to paste the html code which you can find here – , where in [BLOG_URL_WITHOUT_HTTP] should your blog’s address.