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Hi Greenzoner Fans! Do you remember how are chemical substances harmful? If not, you can about them read here. Secret fluorescent gunk which is is a similar threat on the majority bottoms of seas and is posing a real threat to many species of animals, for which seas are a place of the life and the development.


Beautiful, isn’t it? 😉


This is called “The Butterfly of the Sea“, also Sea Robin, or Gurnard. (more…)

Eco News #47 – ribbon eel

March 9th, 2013

Colorful, isn’t it? 😉 That animal is called a ribbon eel – which is a pretty appropriate name. But, aside from its visually interesting aspects, it’s nice to know something about their life cycle. (more…)

If it comes to the destruction of coral reefs, are we truly aware of what’s the cause? 😉

reef (more…)

Eco News #32 – The goblin shark

December 13th, 2012

Hi Greenzoners! Spooked already? 😉
Goblin shark

This terrifying by appearance creature here is the goblin shark – very rare species of deep water animal.  They are found in a water deeper than 200m or on the surface,  dragged up by deep sea fishers.
Their characteristic feature is head strangely shaped and retractable jaws. (more…)

Underwater circles

Interesting news. 🙂 This interesting shape was found on the bottom of the ocean near the coast of Japan. It was photographed by Japanese underwater photographer Yoji Ookata, who had no idea what he stumbled upon. After he returned to the same place with his colleagues and television crew, they discovered that these circles were made by male puffer fish. (more…)

Recently we spoke about climate changes affecting life in coral reefs. This time, however, scientists agreed that fish have abilities to adapt to changing conditions.