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Dear Greenzoners! Do you rembember our article about rabies virus? Here you can reading about this disease! This time we thinking about quality of air! Every man should consider, that the contamination of air grows every year as a result of the exhaust fumes of motor, as well as various pollutants coming from factories. Now in order entirely to liquidate pollutants is very difficult, although it is for doing.

Majority of streets, parks, not to say petrol stations in cities these are places about the increased risk. Very much many pollutants are found in it is them. It was a better solution so that were aimed at regular making measurements determining the degree of appearing pollutants and sending such information to the appropriate unit. In this way scientists could limit the release of pollutants.Creating the special office which will deal with analyses will be a better solution in pollutants of air and will minimize the risk of coming into existence next.Thanks to answers thought over such an office should be located in every state. Moreover the European Environment Agency is doing a everything in order to provide the fresh air for people and to minimize the risk of next pollutants. It is very important, therefore more and more people are deciding to care about ecology believing that it is good for them alone and of nature.

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Hello Greenzoners! Some of you know, and some of you probably don’t know (nothing to be ashamed of, don’t worry 😉 ), one of the main causes of air pollution is burning wood and coal in cookstoves in the process of preparing food.

Many people use more modern technologies like gas or electric cookers, but everyone can afford them or are available to anyone.
There were designs of special, “clean” cookstoves, trying to reduce the amount of pollution, but they had no effect, unfortunately.

Recently however, a group of students discovered an interesting way to vastly reduce the amount of pollution in our households. (more…)

It was recently reported that air pollution in Beijing, the capitol of China reached very dangerous level, according to World Health Organization (WHO).
The air is said to have the taste of coal dust and car fumes, which are the main sources of pollution in China.

People weariing masks (more…)

Good morning Greenzoners, and this is the new Eco News. 😉

As we know, the extremely important plant ability is to absorb carbon-dioxyde (CO2) and emit oxygen.  It’s especially necessary for us when the CO2 emission is so huge.
Intensified pollution and gas emissions not only increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but also degrades the soil.  It was recently discovered that unfertile, polluted soils may reduce the plants’ CO2 absorbing ability. (more…)

Eco Tips: Saving clean air

September 16th, 2012

This time let’s focus on something very important, yet simple. Air. 🙂

Here are some easy ways to save your clean air, especially if you live in a big, polluted city. 😉 (more…)