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Gifts are waiting for writers:)

February 7th, 2014

Hi guys,

do you have already plans for weekend? No? So here we have some ideas. The best ideas to spend spare time for all those who like writing and for all those who like receiving gifts:).

Do you remember about our contests?


Hi guys,

as you know we have some contests with great stuff for you on our totally free website. Hard to say which one is the best, we love every single one!

First of all – GZBlog contest! We are waiting for your ideas. More information HERE.

For all those who like writing as well but prefer short form – GZEcoArticle contest. We were writing about it HERE.

What do you have to know more? We have GZEcoQuiz – great game online where you can earn EEP – so important in other contests. More info HERE.

But here we have something extra…


Hello guys,

if you are here first time you should know that: is a totally free website with great free contests online and amazing gifts! You can win cool stuff for free! Just take part in one of our contests online, for example in GZEcoQuiz.

If you are already in our team, you know for sure GZEcoQuiz – the best game online with the best prizes.

So – good news for you all! GZEcoQuiz is back!


Here comes the winner!

January 14th, 2014

Hello GreenZoners,

good news – our extra gift has found new home.

The winner is…


Hello GreenZoners,

today we have very important information for GZEcoQuiz winners:

we have gifts for you and we really want to send it to you.

Yes, gifts that you won in GZEcoQuiz, the best game online;).

It means that we need your address and other necessary for shipping data.

If you are on winner list HERE send your address to

As soon as you send us this data, we will send you gift, so be fast:

Keep green!

Hello GreenZoners,

Today we will show you the last one step – last thing you have to do to get an extra gift from

Once more, all steps:

Did you take part in GZEcoQuiz?

If yes

Did you get any prize?

If no….

Did you log to every single day during REDEMPTION of GZEcoQuiz?

If yes – now the fourth step…


Hello GreenZoners,

step by step we are closer and closer to  give you one extra gift:).

We have this special gift for somebody who took part in GZEcoQuiz, but didn’t get the prize. Sounds fair, huh?

Unfortunatelly, we have only one gift and a looot of GreenZoners who were taking part in the best game online and finished without amazing prizes. What does it mean?

Third step!


So, do you want an extra gift?

January 2nd, 2014

Hi there,

as we wrote HERE few days ago, we have a special gift for somebody. Somebody really special:).

As you know, we will tell you who is this special person step by step. First step is already behind us: we have an extra gift for somebody who took part in GZEcoQuiz.

It’s high time for second step….


Totally new contest!

December 30th, 2013

Hi there,

we have one cool gift for free (almost), is here anybody who want to get it:)?


The end of redemption

December 27th, 2013

Redemption of GZEcoQuiz finished today.

So, did you win something really amazing? Few players for sure;). What do you think about questions? Too difficult? Too easy? Let us know!

Now it is time to think:  what next in