Things you may not know about Venezuela’s falls – The Angel Falls

February 3rd, 2013

Some interesting facts about very famous Venezuela falls, The Angel Falls. 🙂

Angel Falls

1. Their names come from an American pilot, Jimmy Angel, who crashed his plane near the top of the falls.

2. Angel Falls in Venezuela are over 792 meters high – it’s 15 times more than Niagara Falls and it’s the world’s highest waterfall!

3. It’s located inside Canaima National Park Venezuela, famous for beautiful nature – and those falls are its main attraction.

4. It is possible to take a guided trip from the bottom right to the top of the waterfall – trip can take even few weeks!

5. The Angel Falls local names are Big River Falls and Tulume Bena.

6. The water of the falls looks silvery and glitter sometimes, when exposed to sunrays.

7. During rainy season, sometimes the waterfall splits into two separate waterfalls.

Tell us Greenzoners, did you know that before?

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  1. romici says:

    I have not personally heard of this waterfall,but it’s a good post for discover famous places from around the world … good job 🙂

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