To all 180 gzBloggers from over 55 countries, read it!

December 21st, 2010

Are  you blogging about GZ? That’s really good…

For today we have registered over  180 blogs from over  55 countries!   But we have found that some of those blogs are strongly outdated.

That’s what we have decided:

–          each gzBlog which:

o    is outdated

o   more than one entry is missed

o    hasn’t  any blogger’s entries

o   Have not proper link to

Will be deleted from our base!

You have 7 gzDays 🙂  that’s a lot! Good luck!

KeepGreen gzBloogers 🙂

12 Responses to “To all 180 gzBloggers from over 55 countries, read it!”

  1. Eyef says:

    Nice news) I update my blog ever.

    • Raft says:

      Oh, Eyef I agree with you!
      In my coutry, Ukraine only my blog updates constantly.
      But from 4 blogs my is the worst in voting!(
      It’s terrible!

    • Eyef says:

      И самое смешное – от России уже месяца 3 выигрывает блог, которого вообще нет. Пустая страница побеждает с огромным отрывом. На втором месте блог, который месяца 2 не обновлялся. А мой единственный живой и качественный блог всегда на последнем месте с чудовищным отставанием. Это уже не конкурс блогов получается а конкурс random’ного выбирания) Надеюсь что эта новость в блоге заставит отсеять пустые сайты и полупустые сайты от всех стран перестанут побеждать.

    • Raft says:

      Полностью согласен!
      Нет пустым блогам, а действительно пустой, но побеждает!(

  2. yrdchaos says:

    I have submitted my blog to your site, but you want me to publish all the articles you have already published in this site… I can’t possibly do that.. But what I can do is get some of you articles (the recent ones) and publish that and from there on I can update it when ever its needed…

    • Andruk says:

      Well, it’s a hard work, but every gzBlogger did it, so why can’t you do it? 🙂 You don’t have to do it in a week, you can take all the time you want

  3. Andruk says:

    Just updated my blog!!
    Keep green 😀

  4. Kristoffer says:

    im happy i just got out of institution i still have time 😀
    Srry Greenzoner i didnt get the time in there but i will Finnish it whitin the time limit (i hope :S )

  5. nhantran says:

    I’ve just update my gzBlog with variety of Gz information! Enthusiastic wallpaper.
    Keep it Green!!!!!

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