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About Greenzoner

GreenZoner is an innovative international eco-oriented project, where you can receive free gifts for participating in selected contests. Access to GreenZoner is free but to register you need an invitation from existing user or you need to score minimum 50000 points in GZDefender game to have your invitation sent for free.
The main mission of project is to involve as many people to support activities related to the protection of the Earth and its resources, so they can enjoy them to new generations.

Free Gifts And Contests

GreenZoner organizes competitions for its users, so that they can win additional free gifts online. Examples of awards can see above, and video clips recorded by the lucky owners can be found on the subpage Videos.
The most important channel of communication with website users is ecology news blog. There you can find both: a wealth of information on current issues related to ecology or solutions that serve humanity - as well as the latest news related to the topis of how to get free stuff in project contests.
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