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Article 1 - General regulations

  1. These GreenZoner Website Terms of Use (the "Terms of Use") explain the contractual agreement between you ("you", "your") and ("GreenZoner", "we," "us," "our"), regarding your use of and access to the website located at (the "Website").
  2. Conditions included in a Regulation along with regulations of law obligatory on a territory of Poland, exclusively and in all - embracing way state rights and duties of Service’s Users and other people benefiting from its services.
  3. The Operator of the Service is GreenZoner.
  4. Expressions used in herein Regulation have the following meaning:
    1. An Operator - subject being the owner of the Service and responsible for its administration;
    2. A Service - an internet service administrated by the Operator under domain;
    3. A Regulation - herein document which specifies terms of functioning and use of the Service by users of the Service known further as Users;
    4. A User - a natural person possessing full ability to legal actions, who has accomplished correct registration procedure in the Service according to rules contained in following Regulation. The User might be also a person having limited ability to legal actions with an acceptance of a statutory representative;
    5. Registration - denotes establishment of a User’s Account in the Service by correct filling of a register form. Passing of a registry procedure is necessary in order to collect points and to participate in Competitions;
    6. An Account - a User’s Account is established after registration in the Service. The User can log in the Service by giving his name and password;
    7. A User’s Profile - information about the User possessing an Account in the Service;
    8. An Administrator - person authorized by the Operator to administrate the Service;
    9. EEP - an abbreviation from EcoEnergPoints, points obtained in return for specified in Regulation activity of a Service’s User;
    10. Prizes - objects offered through the agency of the Service in return for satisfying specified in Regulation terms of Competition;
    11. A Competition - a selection process of the Winner entitled to exchange points for a Prize offered under conditions specified in a Regulation;
    12. A Winner - a User entitled to receive a Prize according to rules specified in a Regulation;
    13. A Recommendation - a recommendation of Registration in the Service submitted by a User to the person not being a User, resulting in Registration of an Account in the Service by recommended person;
    14. gzTime - time according to which the Service is functioning compatible with GMT.

Article 2 - Technical conditions of usage of the Service

  1. Technical conditions of usage of the Service are important for correctness of Service’s functioning, its correct appearance in a Web browser used by a User as well as for safety of User’s data recorded on an Account. Each User should abide the following conditions and guidelines, any contrary actions taken by a User (deliberate or involuntary) are performed on his own responsibility.
  2. In order to patronize the Service it is necessary to posses devices enabling to use Internet resources (a Web browser Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 or more modern, Internet Explorer version 7.0 or more modern) as well as an active email address.
  3. All operations made in the Service are registered in gzTime.

Article 3 - Registration of a User in the Service

  1. The User of the Service can be a natural person who posses full ability to legal actions and has finished 18 years. Person who posses limited ability to legal actions and has finished 13 years can be a User of the Service only on the condition that a statutory representative gave his acceptance. In such instance, Registration is treated as unambiguous with a User’s statement that he possesses acceptance of a statutory representative to perform activities in the Service. Statutory representatives bear full responsibility for actions of a User under their custody, in particular they bear full compensatory responsibility against the Operator and a third party. Prizes and Objects are collected on behalf of minor by his statutory representatives.
  2. Registration in the Service is voluntary and follows completion of a register form.
  3. A Registration form contains following data: first name and surname, date of birth, home address, phone number, email address, login and password.
  4. The User has a duty to provide truthful data. The Operator stipulate the right to verify Users’ data. The Operator may condition Registration or usage of the Service by a User from authentication of given by a User data.
  5. The User has a duty to update data included in the register form each time any changes in them appear.
  6. In order to Register, a User on his own determines a User’s Name. A User’s Name cannot violate rights of a third person nor comprise content contradictory to law, Regulation or commonly acknowledged as abusive.
  7. During Registration a User’s Account is established. The User can posses only one Account. The User cannot avail Accounts of other Users nor make their Account accessible to other people.
  8. It is forbidden to make one’s password to the Account in the Service accessible to a third person. The Operator do not bare the responsibility for consequences of making by a User password accessible to a third person nor for inappropriate protection from access of a third person.
  9. Via implementation of a register procedure in the Service resulting in establishment of an Account, User affirms and states that he has familiarized himself with and accepted content of the whole Regulation.
  10. Registration needs confirmation. Confirmation is done by opening website to which leads link generated by the Service and sent on an email address given in a register form.
  11. At a time of confirming Registration in the Service an agreement is made between the User and the Operator subject of which is providing by the Operator services available via the Service on the terms specified in a Regulation.
  12. Registration in the Service denotes acceptance to receiving commercial information in accordance with regulations of The Provision of services via electronic means Act on an email address given in register form.
  13. The Operator stipulates the right to refuse Registration and to remove an Account without providing reasons.

Article 4 - Protection of personal data

  1. By registering in the Service User gives acceptance for processing their personal data in accordance with The Protection of Personal Data Act passed 29th of August 1997 and The Provision of services via electronic means Act with later amendments passed 18th of July 2002.
  2. The Operator declares that provided personal data are used solely to fulfill an agreement and to inform about new products, services and promotions offered by the Service.
  3. Personal data of the User are not made accessible to a third person. It is not applicable to the Operator’s duty, deriving from obligatory regulations of law, to pass Users’ personal data to authorized subject.
  4. The User has a right to browse his personal data, to correct them and to rise written objection to processing personal data for marketing purposes.
  5. The User can demand removal of his personal data from the Service’s database. Such demand is equivalent with liquidation of a User’s Account in the Service.

Article 5 - Competitions

  1. The Operator organizes Competitions for Users of the Service in chosen by the Operator time, without regular periods and in irregular intervals.
  2. Users have a right to participate in a Competition in accordance with rules specified by the Operator after fulfilling necessary conditions of participation in a particular Competition.
  3. Conditions of participation in a Competition, including minimal number of EEP points, are specified by the Operator for each Competition separately.
  4. All conditions and technical rules of participation in a Competition will be available in the Service along with description of Prizes.
  5. Regardless of the score reached by a User participating in a Competition, from his account number of EEP points required to partake in a particular Competition is withdrawn.

Article 6 - Prizes

  1. Prizes are granted to Users who fulfilled conditions specified by the Operator for each Competition separately and who are known further as Winners.
  2. The Prize in a Competition is an object chosen for this purpose by the Operator individually for a particular Competition.
  3. Information about Prizes, including their description, are placed in the Service with the description of conditions and rules of participation in a Competition.
  4. The Prize is sent within 3 months on the Winner’s expense unless the Operator decides differently.
  5. Any who receives the Prize is obliged to send to the Operator his photograph with the Prize. Photographs are published in the Service and on other websites for marketing purposes.

Article 7 - EEP points

  1. EEP points granted in the Service serve solely Service’s promotional purposes.
  2. Users receive EEP points in return for activities specified by the Operator in the Service. Furthermore, in the Service number of granted points will be specified.
  3. Points received in accordance with the Regulation constitute condition of gaining the right to participate in Competitions organized in the Service. Participation in a Competition is conditioned by User’s possessing number of EEP points specified for a particular Competition.
  4. User of the Service can purchase from the Operator any number of EEP points in accordance with conditions specified in the Service.
  5. The User cannot cede collected EEP points to other person nor purchase them from or sold to other Users.

Article 8 - Charges

  1. Access to the Service is free of charge.
  2. Charges for extra services offered in the Service are not refund in case of due completion of a service by the Operator.

Article 9 - Usage of the Service

  1. The User bears full responsibility for using the Account.
  2. In particular, it is forbidden to:
    1. use mechanisms of automatic processing of data, programs, robots or other devices in order to circumvent personal participation in a Registration process or activity in a service, in particular in organized by the Service Competitions;
    2. place abusive content;
    3. use of vulgarisms and phrases which in any way violate one’s dignity;
    4. destabilize the service.
  3. For not abiding the Regulation by a User, the Operator can without earlier warning:
    1. place temporal blockades on using part of Service’s options;
    2. permanently blockade the User’s Account;
    3. liquidate the User’s Account;
    4. deprive the User of EEP points;
    5. deprive of the right to receive Prize.

Article 10 - Responsibility

  1. The Operator commit himself to make every effort to provide the highest possible quality of services offered by the Service.
  2. The Operator do not bear the responsibility in case problems occur behind service provider and Users activity, in particular for:
    1. a content and a form of materials and information placed in the Service by Users;
    2. content of private messages sent by Users;
    3. potential damages caused by errors, malfunctions and shutdowns in the Service functioning;
    4. wrongly written content of an SMS or a phone number;
    5. operation of mobile telephony operators, banks or other intermediaries during payment operations.
  3. The User bears full responsibility for breaking the law or damage caused by his actions in the Service.
  4. The Operator do not provide guarantee of correct functioning of the Service.

Article 11 - Complaints about functioning of the Service

  1. The User is entitled to make a complaint if the Operator did not fulfill properly provided services or when services are fulfilled in defiance of a Regulation.
  2. All complaints should be made in writing and sent on Operator’s email address available in the Service.
  3. The Operator process the complaint in accordance with obligatory law.
  4. An Answer to a complaint is sent on an email address given by a User in a register form.

Article 12 - Complaints about Prizes

  1. The User is entitled to make a complaint if a Prize received for participation in a Competition is not compliant with an agreement or in instance a defect or a failing embraced by a guarantee. Detailed conditions of a guarantee are specified in a guarantee document given to a User along with the object constituting the Prize if it is under guarantee.
  2. In instance of complaint about the Prize, User is obliged to send a letter of complaint via electronic means on an email address given in the Service.
  3. The Prize should be returned in an original package enabling a safe transport.
  4. The Prize should be returned as a complete set, in particular with all accessories.
  5. To a reclaimed Prize should be attached description of the problem along with description of circumstances in which defect appears. Cause of the complaint should be pointed out, whether it is complaint under guarantee or by virtue of unconformity of the object with an agreement. In instance of unconformity of a Prize with an agreement User is additionally obliged to specify demand to make the Prize accordant with an agreement by either free of charge repair or exchange to a new one.
  6. If, in connection with unconformity of a Prize, the Operator will not be able to fulfill specified demands in instance the repair or exchange are not possible or it demands excessive costs as well as in case when the Operator is not able to fulfill the User’s demand within a proper period of time or when the repair would expose the User to an excessive nuisance, the User has a right to request an appropriate reduction of a price or he can resign from an agreement. User do not has the right to resign from an agreement if unconformity with an agreement is extraneous.
  7. The Operator bears the responsibility for unconformity of a Prize with an agreement only in case it has been identified before end of 2 year period from handing the Prize to a User. This time limit begins again in case the Prize was exchanged to a new one.
  8. The Operator processes the complaint in accordance with obligatory law.
  9. To a reclaimed Prize a photocopy of guarantee should be attached.
  10. An Answer to a complaint is sent on an email address given by a User in a register form.

Article 13 - Final provisions

  1. The Operator can sell whole Service with Users.
  2. Services offered by the Operator can be up - to - date supplemented and corrected without earlier notification of Users.
  3. The Operator stipulates the right to change regulations included in the Regulation at any time, notifying that fact to Users of a service by pointing out the date of last change at the beginning of a Regulation’s content.
  4. Any questions and doubts concerning the Regulation, Privacy Protection Policy and terms of use of the Service can be directed via an email on address marketing at
  5. Foregoing Regulation is in force for an indefinite time and goes into effect the day it is paced in the Service.
  6. Originally Regulations are defined in Polish and any possible doubts will be resolved referring to Polish records.