Collect EEP to get free superb gifts, like: iPhone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to most questions.

What is EEP?

EEP stands for EcoEnergyPoints (Green Energy Points), points you receive for performing tasks on

What can I get for EEP?

As soon as we reach expected number of users, we’re going to run projects where you will be able to receive gifts.

Why the name GreenZoner?

GreenZoner lets you receive gifts for carrying out tasks of ecological and scientific nature. Additionally, for bigger events, we’re going to plant trees and make the world greener.

Can I help you in translation?

Currently we have started cooperation with selected translators, but it is very likely that in near future we will ask again GreenZoner community to help translate site into next languages. We are happy seeing that some of you translate our blog into other languages – if you are interested in translation you can set your own blog or help to translate someone who set up blog already.

What is the gzTime and gzDay?

Wherever you live in real world, gzDay and gzTime is same for you and all others members of GreenZoner community. gzDay is counted from first day of GreenZoner World existence.

Will we get more invitations?

You can receive additional invitations in competitions. There is possibility that in future we will give all GreenZoners more invitations. You need to know that thirty invitations is quite a lot. Inviting active friends you can get over 4200 EEP (30 friends each 20 EEP and 30 friends of your friends each 4 EEP).

Do you ship prizes to other countries?

Yes we ship prizes to all countries all over the World.

What about custom duties and other taxes?

Most countries have very different regulations about tax and duties. That’s why winners need to pay all taxes and duties.

How many accounts can be registered from one IP address?

You can have over 10 accounts registered from one IP. But remember that we are checking if account is real when someone registered more than 3 accounts from one IP.

When will be available (Polish, German, French, Russian,...) language version?

GreenZoner is an international community so we have chosen English language as the most popular one. We will make translations but we won’t favour any language or country. Firstly we will translate into languages that are most popular in GreenZoners community.

When you give new possibilities of earning EEP?

Launching projects requires help from a large group of active Internet users scattered around the world. Therefore, the first task that will bring you closer to the prizes is building the GreenZoner community.

How do I report spam?

Please any information about SPAM which is connected with send by our contact form. Thank you in advance!

Can I join to your team?

We are open for all who wants cooperate with us but currently we do not looking for staff. However our site is growing fast so probably in a few months’ time help will be needed! If it happen we will inform you all on our blog.

Do you have a 24/7 stock or you will do redemptions?

Number of available prizes will grow till prizes will be available every day. It will take some time but no more than a few months.