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Privacy Policy

Brief Introduction Internet portal held by GreenZoner is henceforth called the Portal.

From the authors of the portal

We value our own privacy on the Internet. Therefore, we are trying to ensure that our users feel comfortable using our Portal. We try to limit the amount of information that could facilitate identification of the user to a minimum. Therefore, we also suggest that when registering, you use an email address which does not contain identifiable information, e.g. your name and surname.

Technical matters

We collect various data which facilitates the proper functioning of the portal. It includes: date and time of log in, time spent on the Portal. We use cookie IP files.

Commercial advice

The authors of the Portal reserve the right to send unsolicited messages to the Users. Such information includes information directly relating to the operations of the Portal, as well as any commercial content related to the commercial activity of the Administrator and their contracting parties.

Contact and feedback

Any questions and queries about Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and the usage of the Portal can be sent via email to: marketing (at)