Sustainability Careers Are Hot

November 4th, 2022

Sustainability careers are those that focus on environmental and social responsibility. Professionals in these roles work to protect our planet’s resources and ensure a high quality of life for all people. They often have backgrounds in science, engineering, or policy.

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Motion controller is a core element of a CNC machine, which allows it to work smoothly and efficiently. It enables precise, consistent, and fully automatized movement. With the assistance of a suitable control software, motion controller supervises the movements of the CNC machine’s elements, ensuring the correctness of the operations.

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The rise of the electric car seemed a bit slow at first. People quickly wrote it off as something that was too expensive and ‘didn’t work’. Today, however, this has changed. With Tesla leading the market, almost every car brand has now switched. The electric car has become indispensable from society. Moreover, it is expected that it will not be long before there are only electric cars on the road. But why is this the case?

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We all know that the environment is degrading day by day. It’s no big secret that we have to do a better job caring for the planet. If we start by making little changes in our daily habits, we can make a big difference.
There are many culprits behind our poor environmental performance. The quantity of time we dedicate to our smartphones has escalated drastically over the past few years. The result is that we leave them plugged in all of the time. After just a few days, there is a lot of dust and grime on our phones.

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Even though the emissions of toxic gases and air pollution remain high, the recent initiatives worldwide give some hope that the air pollution problem will disappear with time. Which countries are the global leaders in fighting it?

air pollution
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We deal with greenwashing almost every day. Companies – both large and small- are trying to convince us that the good of the planet is especially important to them and that they are doing their best to act to protect the environment. Certainly many of us have fallen victim to greenwashing more than once. It is hardly surprising – the actions of companies in this field can be really cunning. What is actually greenwashing and how to recognize this phenomenon? Lets check it out!

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Minimalism is ECO

March 25th, 2020

In recent years, not many notions have gained as much publicity, as ecology and minimalism. Books, articles and special guides were written about both the first and the second term, blogs and vlogs were also created about them, and films and series were made. Most of the time, however, minimalism and ecology function separately in the collective consciousness of people – as two totally separate issues. Although not everyone is aware of it, they are inseparably connected with each other. How? You will read about it in a moment.

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Producing a smaller amount of garbage may seem like a neck – breaking task, difficult and a task that takes a lot of time. Indeed, at the beginning changing habits requires a bit more effort, but we can apply the principles of small steps, starting with seemingly insignificant activities. In addition, proper attitude and non-punishment for committed “sins” is necessary. All you have to do is take it easy, with consistency and distance. Is this connection possible? Yes! See for yourself! Read the rest of this entry »

The world is going in such a direction that if we do not change our everyday habits in a moment, we will be stuck in rubbish. Ubiquitous plastic, piles of rubbish, plastic islands floating on the oceans and air pollution – we have an influence on everything. Even the smallest change counts – in the end you have to start with something. This time, we’ll tell you what you can do in everyday life to be more eco-friendly.

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Plastic and other artificial materials, flood our planet. Plastic packaging, bags, containers or disposable products have dominated the market. However, you can prevent this and reduce the consumption of this material. It’s enough to change your simple everyday habits. For a start, let’s take a closer look … shopping. Check what you can do to be more eco-friendly while shopping. Read the rest of this entry »