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Hi all! Did you remember our post about Koala’s life? Many enthusiasts of angling are fishing in public fishing grounds what in many places is forbidden. However yet still in the secret many of them are catching breaking fundamentals and making up one’s mind they’re bad.


Secrets of Koala’s life…

April 28th, 2015

Hi all! Yesterday we published post about allergies, but today we want to sharing with you our secrets of Koala’s life. Sounds perfect? Koala have a very peculiar lifestyle.

They like the solitude and only sometimes have a need of spending time with their parents. They adore to spend a lot of time on trees and practically are never going down from them. They are feeding on eucalypti and live 20 years. Big the koala is eating as many as 1 kg of leaves within the organism is producing one day and a lots of energy. Koalas are these are protected animals, therefore they are forbidding to take them out of their country. Animals very much quickly are ripening and not only solitudes need surviving, but also the help in the learning on the part of parents. In contacts with people they are really difficult, therefore better not to accost them.

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April 27th, 2015

Hi all! Did you remember our post about visiting old towns.  We have today new post about allergies. The spring is really difficult for persons which have allergy and are fighting with them since the long time.

Pollens of flowers as well as many other reasons most often cause allergy. In spite of the fact that still doctors are trying to care for patients with allergy she often returns and causes that the organism is defenceless.Allergies are really serious and the generality of people which is making up its mind for the resignation from the treatment can have health serious consequences then really.  Everything what you can do is very important to it health really. Do it today and don’t wait. Take care of your health so that your organism far better bears allergies. So let’s start today and doing all for your health! Not for a year. Today!

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Old towns…

April 24th, 2015

Hi all! Did you remember our last post about discovering new places? Time for travels around the world! Be brave and let’s start our adventures now. There are many cities which are being left worldwide.

For example Detroit. The city had big financial problems and went bankrupt. Quite a lot of people left them, until at last the situation of the city was enough difficult, that people had decided to leave somewhere else. It is really a difficult situation for the city which some year ago was a huge financial power. Today only what it can show off the highest level of crime and many buildings vacated by people. It is really amazing and difficult to understand why the city so suddenly is depreciating and is turning into the ruin. In the world of such depopulated places there is a whole lot. So that live in major cities is best to try to save in every possible way.

Discovering new places

April 21st, 2015

Hi all! Check our post about living in Alaska. Today we want to discovering new places on our amazing planet. Certainly you know that we have many amazing countries on our world. What we can help them to develop?


Living in Alaska

April 17th, 2015

Hello Greenzoners!! Did you remember our post about paintful headaches here? Living in Alaska at the beginning perhaps to be really great. Do you know what? Living there is certainly a cool adventure. Are you ready?

But it is worthwhile remembering that life full of adventures in surrounding animals can be also dangerous and therefore we should concentrate on taking care of our safety. Alaska is the most beautiful place on the world, right? With angry beers, colds and many other things. Living in Alaska we must take into account the fact that wild animals can be a real threat for us. If we are caring for in order to live with them in the agreement won’t certainly attack us. But if we decide on it in order to provoke them the situation can be boring. It is really quite risky. And let us remember, that living there we not have to take into account only a beauty of the nature, but also the restriction.

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April 9th, 2015

Hi all! Chec our post about rats! Many people are fighting from troublesome and difficult to defeat with headache. Migraines are nothing pleasant and if they too often appear namely that we must do appropriate researches.


About rats!

April 7th, 2015

Hi all! Did you remember our last post about HIV? Check it here. On the planet we have a lots of animals but rats are the most awful animals ever. Do you agree with this? Read new post about their life!



April 2nd, 2015

Hi all! Do you want know more info about ecology? Click here. In the world every year because of the HIV million people die. Some even don’t know that they are infected. They aren’t doing examinations, are avoiding doctors and are trying to live normally.