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Bloody Moon – lucky who saw it last Monday! Did you see it? Do you know what ‘Bloody Moon’ is?


Hi guys,

do you remember the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico that happened six years ago? Probably yes. Unfortunately, wildlife there remember it as well.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico caused dangerous after-effects to more than a dozen different animals from dolphins to oysters.


Be careful, e-smokers!

April 5th, 2014

They were created to help people stop smoking, make them healthier and happier: e-cigarettes.

That’s not maybe typical green topic, but it’s a part of eco lifestyle, that’s why it is important for us here. However – we really hope that you are not smoking, GreenZoners!


They suck the blood of their young in a process dubbed “nondestructive cannibalism” – how crazy is it?!

No, we are not talking about vampires.