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If your cookware such as pots and frying pans are getting tarnished, then you won’t cook much – unless you clean your bronze cutlery and dishes.
To do that, you can simply use… ketchup. 🙂 And nothing else, don’t add anything, don’t mix it with anything… just pour some ketchup  on cloth or rag, and rub the tarnished parts until they disappear. After that, clean it with water. Save some time and money and be ecological. 😉

Hello Greenzoners! When you are sending your photos for a gzPhoto Contest – remember about REQUIREMENTS that were specified in this post – . It is important that on the site where you upload that picture, there has to be link leading to Also, don’t forget about “I agree to have my pictures uploaded and published on and be used in gzPhoto Contest” – without this you won’t be allowed to partake in a contest!

Want to save money on your dishwashing liquid? Try using lemon juice – it has abilities to wash off many stains out of steel or dishes. What you need to do is to mix lemon juice with baking soda and vinegar to create a paste which can be used to clean dishes, surfaces and stain. If you want to clean your house furniture – mix this lemon juice with olive oil. 🙂 The possibilities are many, but always try this mixture before actual cleaning, to check if it won’t cause any damage or bleach marks in your house. 😉

gzPhoto Contest prolonged!

August 27th, 2012

Hello Greenzoners! About out newly-started gzPhoto Contest… 😉

We received many nice and creative pictures and thanks to everyone who sent us to them! 🙂 But still, as we plan to make more interesting challenge and get more Greenzoners to fight for the prizes,we are prolonging the first stage of gzPhoto Contest. (more…)

Another interesting facts regarding ecological cleaners – this time we talk about cornstarch. 😉


Cornstarch can be used not only in preparing food – but also it can  be used to wash off grease stains from your carpet. (more…)

Hi Greenzoners, did you know what can be used as a non-chemical and eco-friendly cleaner for your house? 😉

vinegar for cleaning

It turns out that white vinegar is pretty good in cleaning different surfaces. Just make a solution constisting equal portions of vinegar and water and mix it! (more…)

Example of a gzPhoto

August 22nd, 2012

Here’s an example of gzPhoto – remember that we prefer Greenzoner’s logos made in natural, “physical” way, than on a computer. 😉

Holidays with Greenzoner gzphoto

Hello Greenzoners! We’re just after Best Of contest, and now we’re starting another one! 😀
This one is called gzPhoto Contest, and this is a photo contest. What do you need to do is to make a photo, somehow related to the topic of summer, vacation (you can use your holiday pictures!) and so on. In this photo there must be visible Greenzoner’s logo and/or a name. You can do it, for example, by putting stones on a beach, creating the caption: GREENZONER. – we are awaiting the most creative, inventive photos – the more original they are, the better! Remember, it doesn’t have to be only GZ logo or name – you can also put some sentence, proverb, or anything related to Greenzoner. Again – be creative! 😉

Greenzoner shirt

philosophy ecology

Recently we spoke of fish adapting to changing climate, as well as coral reefs. Now about tropical species.
Those species, that used to live in warm, humid areas, like lizards or insects are ectotherms – animals that require heat from environment to prosper correctly. That makes them dependent of temperature, which means – changing  temperature would cause harm to them.