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Hello Green Folks! Did you read our last post about ebola? But it’s enough informations about ills! Do you like plants? On the Tasmania area protected species of the Eucalyptus which is deserving the particular attention grow. Above all such plants are a rare occurrence really.


Hi Fans! Did you know, that our last post was about sleeplessness? But today we want to talking about wild animlals. Do you like monkeys? We do! So wild monkeys are contrary to appearances very intelligent animals, since are very elastic as regards the learning of new behaviours and are able to accommodate themselves to almost of every new seat.


Ebola – Reasons to fear?

October 26th, 2014

Hello all! Are you interested in our last post about monkeys?? This time we want to give you some informations about ebola. In ancient times the ebola was a universal problem which was also dangerous illness, but had smaller consequences than at present.


Overcome the sleeplessness!

October 26th, 2014

Hi Greens! We have for you new post today! But for a little while. Did you remember our last article about fishing and climate changes? Here it is! Do you have problems with the sleeplessness? This problem is regarding million people worldwide and is really serious, therefore it isn’t possible never to disregard him.


Hello all! Are you missed our our new post? I think so! But now I want to say, that you should reading our last post about experiments in our environment here! So, today we would sharing with all of you a big problem about  the fisheries management.


Hello to all of you! Are you missing about new news?! We hope so… Did you remember our previous post about trees?   So, today we would talking about some experiments in our environment.


Heaven for trees

October 17th, 2014

Hi Greenzoners! Do you like walking in the middle of forests? If you like you should read our text about heaven for trees. But now you must read our last post about metal free diet here.

Many environmentalists are deciding on it in order regularly to protect wooded areas and is deciding on concrete actions which are aimed at the intensive conservation of nature and above all are making people aware so that they don’t destroy with one’s action of forests. Just therefore it is worthwhile concentrating on in order regularly to care for this issue and above all regularly effecting examinations at which even greater protections are aimed. If you are an environmentalist and you care about it, in order how longest to keep the beauty of the nature surrounding you you should act in this respect and do a everything in order to keep the protection of wooded areas on the highest level. Of course there are organizations which are caring about the environmental protection ecological.

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Take care of your diet

October 16th, 2014

Hello all Greenzoners! We are back already! So, this time we want to show you next, new article about metal free diet. Are you interested in?  Are you a fan of animals living in seas? Read our last text about sea turtles here.

Many people still are eating from the lack of time too late or on the run, therefore the majority from them doesn’t often attach the attention to, what meals are eating in a day. Their diet is full of metals which don’t have a market of the good influence on the organism and very often are contributing to many illnesses and the complaint. Metals can cause, that we are feeling faint, we have a giddiness. The diet without metals should contain above all unique composition probiotics which the immunological system and the thanks are protecting before the man is healthy all the time. They are demonstrating probiotics with huge properties, therefore are needed substances, of which it is never necessary us to run short.Let us remember also about performing regular examinations at the doctor and deciding on the diet which will be matching our beliefs. Let us not disregard our health and let us not put him back on later, because later can be already too late.

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Life of sea turtles endangered

October 15th, 2014

Hi Greenzoners! Are you ready for new post? Did you remember our last post about cancer? Click here for view!