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Hello! Did you read our post about apocalypse here? Are you take care of your health or not? Staying in the environment we can expose ourselves to different contaminations as well as every day we deal with the motor exhaust fumes which are harmful for our organism! How to protect oneself from it? Just read!

Polluting in air it is a real disaster for our organisms, therefore if you want to protect yourself against her you must care about your safety and how least to use the car.Every day of air pollution both the motor exhaust fumes causes disorders at the work of the respiratory system and are becoming a cause of many illnesses, therefore the health of people worldwide is exposed to danger.Respiratory diseases are really quite alarming with phenomenon, of which the rate every year is larger. Therefore in order to take into account is important so that reduce the risk and give a drive in a car up if for example we can choose the bicycle and use the healthier means of transport.

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Hello! Did you remember our post about plant freaks? Today we want to analyse the huge problem and we want talking about world apocalypse! Are you ready for something new on our blog?

A lot of people which believe in the end of the world and the fact that at one time everything will end exist. If and we are thinking above it, when the Apocalypse will come we should read a lot of publication to this subject. The Apocalypse isn’t only floods, hurricanes and the poverty, but above all huge damage to cities and the death of many people. A plenty of different points of view exists about the apocalypse. For one it is only a rumour, other they are treating it seriously very much and are waiting for the day, in which the Apocalypse will come.

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Are you a plant freak?

December 19th, 2014

Hi all! If you didn’t see oour previous post about throwing animals you can check it here. Every day million of plants worldwide have adverse conditions for the development and to it plenty of people aren’t caring about not at all.

If we care about in order to concentrate on providing better conditions for plants we should care about the nature and forests best as soon as we are able. Then certainly we will manage to avoid many unnecessary situations and to provide perfect conditions for the development for plants. Unfortunately it can also not be enough for us, since other people can often acting into the wrong way, not caring about ecology. Ecology requires not only a concern on the part of the man, but above all is joining people in defined objectives. If for example a protection of the particular species of the plant is our task we will certainly find more supporters, in order to achievement of the objective was simpler and possible.

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Peoples throwing animals away!

December 15th, 2014

Hello Green guys! Are you ready for new post about animals? If you read our prev post about cigarette smoke, you can read next! Almost every day from various reasons people turn animals out of the house not providing the house for them and risking the fact that they can not advise themselves.

Throwing animals on streets or rivers is not only horrible problem in nowadays, but also unlawful. Animals can be tortured through other, to be hungry and what’s more to die if we are turning them out of the house, when are small. Not every animal is able to advise oneself, therefore reproaching animals is way simple for people for the brush-off of them. Often when we are making up our mind for the purchase of the dog or the cat or other animal duties are surpassing us or we have time too little to take care of the favourite. Then we are deciding to turn him out of the house. Before you do it, think about it twice and think about the life of your animal. Better to return it to the hostel for animals than to let him wander all over world alone.

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Cigarette smoke…

December 12th, 2014

Hello Green guys! Did you read our text about fatty illnesses? If not, please check it now here. Today we have something new! We want to talking about cigarette smoke. Are you a smoker?

If we care about a sense of well-being and the health we should not smoke and what’s more stay amongst smokers. A burning is very much a bad habit and unfortunately causes the addiction. Smoking not only causes that we can fall ill with cancer, but above all is shortening the life. If we want to be pleased with him as longest it is worthwhile throwing burning, although it won’t certainly be simple for persons which will depend. Just in order to save money and the own health we should throw this harmful addiction as soon as possible. To help us with it professional psychotherapists, as well as special sticking plasters can. It is worthwhile taking responsible decisions for it’s health before it is too late for any rescue.

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Fatty illnesses

December 9th, 2014

Hello Greenzoners! Are you ready for new post? Did you remember about our text about leukemia here?  More and more people are loving the food in restaurants and therefore is giving the active lifestyle up.

The truth is that more and more we appreciate comfortable options and we are trying to avoid sport. If not we planted it longer market time and incessantly we are eating more and more meals rich in the canailles we exist in a high-risk group of persons which can fall ill with fatty illnesses. They are really serious and require not only appropriate expenses, but also the contact with the doctor.An obesity is very much a serious matter which is not only an embarrassing problem, but also is very difficult to overcome. It requires the courage, limiting in the food and the unceasing control which is very difficult for persons adoring calories and the canailles.

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December 5th, 2014

Hi green guys! Did you know about our new special edition of quiz? Here is some news about it! The today’s post is regarding leukemia which is a major disease very much and unfortunately every year is dying of it million people worldwide.


Hi guys! Today we have for all of you our special edition of quiz!  Are you ready to win some extra goddies? Just try to win this! We have started new edition of our GZEcoQuiz #3.