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Today is the last day of our Little 3-day Contest! 😉 If you are taking part in it, don’t
forget to log in, and you can win 5 more invitations (provided that now you have less than 3).
Time is running!

What’s more, the prizes from a redemption at gzDay 583 were already sent. You will get your parcel’s ID on your e-mail, don’t forget to check it. 🙂

GreenZoner vs. ACTA

January 24th, 2012

Dear users, GreenZoner asks for your help!

Throughout all the internet there were protests against new agreement called ACTA, purpose of which is to stop internet piracy, by controlling the flow of free information and spying on all internet users.


Little 3-day contest

January 21st, 2012

Dear GreenZoners, we are starting new contest for all those who would like to have more invitations. 😉


Sending prizes… once again.

January 21st, 2012

Hello again!

Prizes will be sent on gzDay 600, just keep patient and make the world greennier 🙂

Sending prizes :)

January 10th, 2012

My friends, we are preparing to send the prizes. (more…)

After January Redemption

January 6th, 2012


At first:
You deserve the prize. You was with us for a long time, you was fast and focus in redemption time.

In this Redemption the most sucessfull users were from… Moldovia, the country with one of the most greenest capital in Europe 🙂
I wonder which will be next time?

We are terrible sorry that we must fixed our servers during redemption. But we have almost one million users. When they all log in and still refresh our site… Yes, we have a batlle in our office but redemption was done, prizes have owner 🙂

We’ll contact with every winner by e-mail.
Remember about checking your e-mail box!

Since 02:00 PM gzTime everybody who had actived Green Power Account last week, has activate this account for redemption time, as we promised.

Moreover, anyone who buys premium account now, will get 100 EEP extra (for Grass Account), 300 EEP extra (for Tree Account), 500 EEP extra (Sky Account) or 1 000 EEP extra (Space Account).

Redemption time will start at 03.00 PM. We have a new servers and everything should be all right 🙂

If our serever falid one more time – we do redemption TODAY on other website but everybody should be informed about it – read our blog and facebook page. Today the fastest and brightest greenzoners take their prizes for sure.