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Hi Greenzoners! 🙂
As we are consuming more and more petroleum in our cars and heating systems, it is inevitable that our oil reserve is going lower and lower. We are running out of oil faster than we could expect, so that many scientists and industrial companies are making their efforts in discovering new types of energy.

It was discovered that we can obtain energy from carbohydrates, which is to be found in some food products or wood. The second one consists of cellulose and hemicullulose, which is carbohydrades and lignin. It was already used during the production of paper, when 50% of wood was burnt and converted into bioenergy. (more…)

First snow

October 29th, 2012

Suddenly… snow everywhere behind our windows 🙂

What about you, Greenzoners? Did the snow already fall and are you happy with it?


Innerdal Tower, Omsdal, Norway

October 23rd, 2012

Innerdal Tower

Hello Greenzoners, we’d like to share with you with another Eco News, this one’s concerning really interesting and important issue – Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.

garbage patch

What is this? It’s an accumulation of garbage, floating on the northern Pacific Ocean. It stretches to hundreds of miles and, if all this garbage would be gathered in one place, it would cover the surface almost as big as France.
It’s made of plastic, which is not biodegradable, so it flows forever. The garbage comes most of the times from beach (left unattended and then swept by waves), fishing boats and cargo ships.

Not only does it pollute the water, but also is dangerous to the underwater animals. Many sea species were found dead entangled in old fishing nets or poisoned by accidental swallowing plastic or steel leftovers. (more…)

Great photo – Observer

October 18th, 2012

While gzPhoto contest is still going and prizes are getting ready to be sent, we found this interesting picture on the web. 🙂


-National Geographic – Eclipse – Silhouette – Observer

How to reuse your lightbulb :)

October 15th, 2012

reused lightbulb


October 14th, 2012

Question for today is… what is your favourite thing about fall? 🙂


Hi Greenzoners, recently we showed some incredible futuristic designs of ecologically sustained houses and other objects.

The question for today is – what project can you find in your surrounding? Many towns have their own little ecological initiatives – other places decide to open for the tourist, which also leads to preservation of that area, so it would presents itself good to the tourists.

So, how about yours? Show or tell us any interesting stories or project ideas from the places you live, and maybe we’ll write about it! 🙂

Hello Greenzoners, as the future is becoming today, people are starting to exploit renewable sources of energy – new, amazing projects and designs are being created, to save the money on slowly depleting oil and to reduce the pollution of the environments.

Here are some very creative designs that presents modern constructions and homes depending on earth-based energy, such as geothermal energy.

Eco school (more…)