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Hello Greenzoners! 😀
We are just after finishing first Week Contest – thank to all the contestants!

Now we are launching second Week Contest – it will last from now on and it’s going to end on gzDay 705 at 10:00.

Remember about the prize : iPod Touch 4G 8GB! 🙂
Good luck and keep green! 😀

Dear Greenzoners!

The Week Contest will be over tomorrow in the morning (and we mean GZ morning 😉 ).
Don’t forget to gather points in the last hours of the contest!

Good luck!

Hello Greenzoners! Having fun in Week Contest? 😉
First summary is on its way, but before we close first Week Contest, we need to share important information for anyone that is interested in gzDefender contests.


gzDefender cheating issue!

April 26th, 2012

Hello Greenzoners!

We had some problems with gzDefender game, technical issues – it’s fixed now. Also, two users were cheating that helped them get high score – we detected that but the users are given another chance, they are not banned, yet their score has been removed.

Week Contest is getting closer and closer to the end, and remember – any cheating (no matter what method do you use) will be detected. So, please don’t cheat and play fair ;).

Good luck, Greenzoners!

Hello Greenzoners! 😀

Are you having fun steering your GZ Truck? Because Week Contest is going to an end, and soon there will be a summary. Remember – best players from Week Contests will be able to participate in Best Of contest, so don’t stop your effort and save Mother Nature once again. And remember: iPods Touch 4g 8GB are waiting… 😉

Keep Green!


April 25th, 2012

Question for today!
What is your favourite non-polluting mean of transport? 🙂

Good news, Greenzoners! 😀

Do you remember the BP oil spill accident almost two years ago, near Gulf of Mexico?

Week Contest has started!

April 20th, 2012

Dear users, we have just started the first edition of gzDefender Week Contest!



April 19th, 2012

Hello back again, Greenzoners. 🙂

Our server is fixed. Week Contest will be launched tomorrow. Get ready! 😉

Changing the server :)

April 19th, 2012

Hello Greenzoners!

Thank you for playing GZ Defender – judging by the amount of the players, it was a great idea. 🙂 So, as we want it to run more smoothly and fix problems, we need to change the server, in the same way as it was during January Redemption. Stay patient – after that, game won’t have problems with huge amounts of players and we’ll launch Week Contest. (We remind you: the prize is iPod Touch 4G 8GB!) 😉

Thank you for playing the game!