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Even if we find dolphins performing amazing acrobatics, South Korean government decided to ban catching dolphins in purpose of using them in shows.

Dolphin with a ball

Something interesting to think about. 😉


Pretty much accurate, considering our thoughts on Eco Lifestyle. 🙂
Maybe some of you found more interesting Eco-friendly posters or stickers on the web? If yes, please, send it to us. 🙂

(We remind you that we still accept photos from users 😉 )

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This time we can see summer in Latvia – thanks to the user MazafakaRU! 🙂

Summer in Latvia

The picture shows River Daugava. 😉

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June 17th, 2012

Dear Greenzoners, we remind you about updating your blogs, or else they will be taken down! 🙂

Hello Greenzoners! 😀

Haven’t you seen too many dust bins filled with dozens of used, plastic coffee cups? Because of the damage it causes to the environment and big costs of transporting rubbish, in popular coffee stands such as Peet’s and Starbucks you can ask to have coffee in re-usable porcelain cup, that you need to give back. That reduces the amount of disposable cups, that are creating extreme amounts of waste. The problem is that not everyone knows about it,  so that many people buys coffee in throwaway cups.

If you are buying coffee at Starbucks or Peet’s, next time ask for a re-usable cup, it’s always one piece of litter less. 😉 Also, inform your friends, the more people know about it, the better!

Another photo sent by user – this time, spring in Lithuana. 😉

Spring in Lithuana

Sent by user GetFree. Thank you!

Greenzoners, still waiting for more pictures 😉

Finally (it took some time for such a small contest 😉 ) we finished Weather Guessing Contest. The winner is Eyef, who guessed the country with the highest temperature (which was Puerto Rico) and he will be granted with 3 additional invitations. 🙂

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part, also we encourage you to wait for other little contests, that soon will be launched. 🙂


June 13th, 2012

Hi Greenzoners! Question for today is… what is your favorite activity on spring and summer? Leave you responses in coments! 🙂

Hello Greenzoners!
Unfortunately, nobody answered correctly for our question about a country with highest temperature reported by users.
So, as we wanted to pick a winner, we are starting the stage 2 of Weather Guessing Contest.